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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Catching Up

Yes. We are alive!

We survived the holidays and now we're spending a lot of much needed "do-nothing" time. 

But let me catch you up...

In August I got to see some of my fellow Near Drown Tribe Mommas! Looking beautiful and strong as ever!

And then...AND was Halloween.

And you know how we do Halloween!

Christian gets a lot of attention and a lot of staring because of his wheelchair and the way he looks. But on Halloween we get a lot of stares because everyone wants to know about his costume! All the kids want to walk with him, they come up and say hi, his wheelchair costume is a real conversation piece. As a matter of fact, maybe we should have a wheelchair costume year round. It really makes people feel comfortable talking to Christian and talk to us. Hmmmm....

Christian was a Florida Everglades Park Ranger. Gramma and Grampa got him a little park ranger uniform last year from Florida (hence, the specificity) and so it only made sense to get that boy a jeep!

Christian also gets to participate in Special Olympics with his school. And he participates in the bowling portion.

He's a pretty happy boy. Mostly unimpressed with a lot, but happy nonetheless.

He's still standing!

And he and sister are best friends.

A few weeks ago we went to Disneyland for the first time during the holiday season and it was magical! It was our first time back since Disneyland changed the rules of accessibility. They were still just as accommodating and we still had a separate entry in most of the other older rides. But for the new rides in California Adventure, we did still need to wait with everyone else because the lines are considered handicap accessible. Otherwise, we could get a fast pass and come back later. It was fine and it all worked out. And it truly does weed out those who don't really need handicap accessibility. 

With all these excursions and the trip to Disney I think what makes him happiest is hanging out at home in jammies or in Mom's bed all day snuggling. He did get sick a few weeks ago and I was really worried about it because it was probably caught from me and sister. And it hit us really hard. So when Christian had the fever and signs of laryngitis I'm not going to lie. I was scared.

But this kid...he got the fevers, sounded hoarse, got sick, but then bounced back in record time! I swear by my apple juice flush! As soon as I see signs of sickness I hook him up to the pump for a 24 hour continuous drip of apple juice, Gatorade, and extra water. Apple juice for a few calories and Gatorade to keep hydrated. No blends or regular food. I run this for about 2 days. And I swear it works every time. Colds that would drag for 1-2 weeks are in and out within 3-4 days. 

And then I have a happy boy again.

And I think this might have been Christian's most active Christmas morning. I would hook his finger into the fold of the paper and tell him to pull and he did! I think he really liked it and I can't remember a Christmas where he was that active.

Christian has been out on school break and we have caught up on a lot of snuggle time. It amazes me how much of a silent connection we have. His favorite place to be is in my arms. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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