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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Best Halloween Ever

Hello, Everyone!

I wanted to update about Halloween! It was probably the best Halloween we've ever had.

We decided that Christian would be Jake and Lola would be Izzy. It worked out because Lola loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Christian often watches the show with her. I also wanted them to match because it's only so long that Lola will want to match with her brother.

So I bought the costumes at Target and then it was on to building Christian's other costume. His wheelchair costume!

Jake and Izzy needed a pirate ship.

Daddy constructed a ship out of cardboard that fit directly on to the wheelchair. Then Mommy decorated it and constructed the mast out of a sheet of felt and blue streamers.

Then it was time for Christian's school parade! Everyone was high-fiving all of the parade participants but when it was time for Christian to come around, they all stopped and cheered. I could hear kids saying, "That's awesome!" and "That's the winner!"

There was no contest but it was hard not to cry all over the place watching them cheer for him. One little boy even said, "Oh, man! I wish I was in a wheelchair!"

Later that night we went trick or treating and all the kids from school recognized Christian's pirate ship. We kept hearing kids yell, "Christian!" in the dark. They'd come over and say hello. Parents said hello and commented about what a cool costume he had. And cars even pulled over to check Christian's costume out. An Escalade rolled down its window and the man yelled out, "That's tight!"

It was amazing. So much acceptance over something so small as a Halloween costume. All of it was so worth it. Just some cardboard, Duck tape, felt, streamers, and hot glue bridged the gap and bought Christian a bunch of new friends. Even retelling the story can choke me up.

We can never move schools. These are his friends. They all know him and want to help. We are so blessed.


Beth Anderson said...

Oh my gosh, Owen was Jake for Halloween, too! We also made Bucky out of cardboard and duct tape and put it over his wheelchair. You guys win hands down in the mast department, though! Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain here so he couldn't ride it during his school parade, but he was the hit of our neighborhood! I love Lola's Izzy costume, too -- Owen's sister is almost 13 so there was no way she was going to do that for her brother. Christian looks awesome.

Jen said...

Oh my gosh Shauna…you guys are unbelievable!! Those costumes are amazing!! I think you should enter contests on Ellen every year. I could not believe Christian's last year…and this year - my gosh. I can't wait to see next year! It's no wonder you are the talk of the town!

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