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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What Christian Does In School

Christian has been a busy boy in school lately!

We're about to take a family trip this weekend but I wanted to share what he's been up to.

I'm sure a lot of people wonder what exactly Christian does in school. I would wonder if I didn't know first hand. And sometimes I still wonder when he's there all day.

He has an amazing aid who loves him to pieces and texts me questions and pictures of Christian.

So here's what Christian does at school:

He makes friends.

He gets visits from Clifford. Not sure if he wants anything to do with him but he matches!

He visits the reading center.

He plays with switches.

And he wins table points!

Of course he does! He's so well behaved. In fact, his aid asked me if he cries. As in, is he able to. I almost choked. This kid used to cry non stop! He's a huge cry baby! But now, he only cries if he's hurt or uncomfortable. He's just a happy little dude now.

I'm sure Christian does a lot of other things, too. He gets multiple therapies at school a week and he is so tired when he gets home. He's had some more seizure activity but I think it might be still from adjusting to all the stimulation and activity at school. He smiles through it. And he has been smiling a lot lately anyway. 

Oh, he also got some new wheels! We got a new van that we plan on modifying as soon as we can. 

We're off to our annual Mexico trip soon. We're ready to put someone's toes in the sand!

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emilyladau said...

You have quite the lovely reason to be connected to disability advocacy! Christian seems like a great kid! It's great that you got a new van to be modified!

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