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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Christian!

Christian is starting school tomorrow! 

I'm so excited about it for him, but also a little nervous because he'll be in full day Kindergarten. He'll have two classrooms - a typical kindergarten classroom and a special needs classroom, kind of like a therapy room. Wait until I show you guys his therapy corner!

We celebrated Christian's birthday by going to Disneyland! I'm going to write up an entire separate post about how handicap accessible Disneyland is and why it's THE BEST place to take your child if they have special needs or if they rock a wheelchair.

But first, let's just acknowledge that Christian turned FIVE!!!

On his actual birthday we had some cake, cupcakes and candles to celebrate.

The best part? Christian got to actually eat some of his cake. He had tastes of frosting and the frosting actually had crumbs of cake in it. There were times when he used to just let it sit on his tongue if something wasn't thin enough to move to the back of his throat on its own. 

But this frosting was a little thick, being peanut butter frosting and all. 

So I pressed a little into his tongue with a fork and let him figure out what to do with it. If anything, I could always go back and rinse it with water or wipe it out.

I turned the other way to serve the rest of the cake.

I turn back to Christian and do you know this kid cleared the whole thing!!!!

And so he gets more!!!

But only a little bit at a time. He'll let us know when he can't handle it so I just follow his lead. Apparently, he was ready to handle some peanut butter frosting with chocolate cake crumbs. 

And just for good measure, we celebrated again with frosting and sprinkles in speech therapy the next day.

Spoiled kid.

Happy Birthday, Christian!

And, just in case I didn't post the pictures from his celebration of life earlier July, here they are! We took him to pizza where he rode his very first carousel. 

The buttons at these pizza places where they have those ticket games are perfect! They're just like talker buttons. 

Go Christian! 


Alice McGovern said...

Happy Birthday! Best wishes with kindergarten!

Jen said...

What a Happy Day!!

Kirpal Singh His Successor said...

Absolutely it was a good day. Best wishes for Christian.

Master of Spirituality said...

May God's awesome blessings
Be upon you this day
And for the future years ahead,
May His blessings never fade
In every area of your life,
May God abound much more,
So you may be a fruitful vine
With the abundance of the Lord.

Master of the highest Order of Spirituality said...

What a great post ! Happy BIRTHDAY, CHRISTIAN. @Mark.

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