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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bowling, Cascarones, and Living a Good Life

We are going on a month into kindergarten and Christian is doing great!

He's making friends and I'm told he has "helpers" now. He also has a curly, little mohawk due to him needing a haircut. I gave him a comb over two weeks ago and his aide told me the kids were sad to see his mohawk missing. Hope they're not sad next week when we cut his hair!

Christian has also been going bowling every Wednesday with Special Olympics. His aide sends me pictures and I think we might join him next Wednesday to see what it's all about.

Christian also got new boots.

Superman, of course.

We worked on school projects. With enough support, Christian did all the finger painting himself. He's very good with his pointer.

And we get smiles like they're nothin' special. But we all know they totally are.

Sunday morning mess.

I brought home Christian's and Lola's first cascarones. I asked Christian if he wanted to bop it on Lola's head to break it open. He immediately gave his eye movement for "yes" and smiled without any hesitation. Even Daddy saw it. That kid knows what he wants and what he wants is to hit his sister on the head with an egg full of confetti.

Confetti was everywhere for days. There may even be some still in his chair.

When I saw the pictures of Christian bowling and I picked him up from school that day I thought - 

He has a good life.

Despite his disabilities and what he'll miss out on, we promise to him we'll make his life the best we possibly can. The sky is the limit for my boy.

We promised it in the beginning and we promise it now. 

One more thing before I go. I had the opportunity to review a really cool fundraising resource! I think if you're a family with a child with special needs, check out my review! Seriously, I wouldn't peddle something I couldn't stand behind. Especially not here. Click here to learn about Teespring.

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