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Friday, May 31, 2013

No preschool graduation ceremony? Excuse me while I whine about it.

It's been a whole week that Christian has been out of school.

It's been a whole week since he GRADUATED preschool.

I am emphasizing the word GRADUATED because I've been seeing and hearing about all these cute little cap and gown ceremonies happening all over the place for little girls and boys - special needs and non special needs. All different states and cities, too. 

At first I was slightly annoyed because Christian's preschool didn't really acknowledge any kind of graduation or promotion to kindergarten. At least nothing that I knew of.

[I know. Big deal, right?]

But after realizing a lot of those preschool kids won't be returning to that school, Christian included, and after seeing all kinds of acknowledgement of the importance of a graduating from preschool, ESPECIALLY from a special needs preschool class, I was a little more than slightly annoyed.

Is this going to make or break Christian? No.

Is this really going to ruin our lives? No.

It just sucks! 

I wish there had been a graduation! Because those kids, MY KID, deserves a graduation!

Okay, yes, I have a thing for celebration. And I'm not blaming anyone or discounting his entire preschool experience. Not at all. 

I'm just being a whiny mom. And I'm not that mad. I'm mad in the Man, that sucks! fashion, rather than the Someone needs to pay! fashion.

But this is the thing. He was there for two years. TWO YEARS. His very first two years of school ever! And he won't be going back to that school again. He's going to a new school. I know a lot of parents are thinking, "What's the big deal? They'll have other, more important graduations." How many graduations will Christian have? And what will they look like? I don't know. But I felt like preschool deserved one. That's all.

My mom said, "Oh, well. He'll get a kindergarten graduation." 

Probably. But it's not the same.

Reminder: I'm just whining. No offense to anyone, his teacher, the principal, or whoever made the decision not to commemorate the milestone of preschool graduation.

I'm not dwelling. Just living vicariously through other Momma friends of mine whose children had miniature preschool graduations. 

We're all proud of you, Christian! And for your next opportunity to graduate from something, I'm going to make a big, stinkin' deal out of it!

[End whining.]



Deana said...

We make big deals about every school year ending and beginning here. For all the same reasons....we don't know if next year we'll have one. No one does...we just have more poignant reminders.

Every year school ends with a night-time picnic at the park. It's something that only really happens the last day of school...a picnic in the dark marks getting to stay up late because no one has to get up early the next morning. (It helps school is usually out on a Friday.)

Anyway, happy graduation from pre-school Christian! You are a little stud!

Rochelle said...

Christian is looking a little Tom Cruise with his shades! Congrats on graduating from Preschool, Christian! Even without a special ceremony, we are very proud of you! Way to go!!

Jen said...

How funny, I just came over from Jenny's blog and then saw yours ; ) Christian looks adorable in his Crossfit shirt!!! Christian always looks too cool for school!

Carrie said...

I am a preschool special ed itinerant teacher. So I go to kids in regular preschools who need services. My office has a special ed preschool classroom and the other day I wondered about that! I was bummed out to learn that they do not do that. In that teacher's defense, all but 1 student attends a daycare program in the morning and they are graduating from that classroom. But really, I think there should be! I think you should write a letter about it, seriously. I was told that our classrooms try to mimic a regular preschool as best they can and that is part of it! In our case, we do have summer session though. We are only allowed to break for 3 weeks at a time.

Clara Liriano said...

My child has a preschool graduation, however I decided for him not to attend as his teacher told me if it was okay to pull him out in case he didn't behave I felt this was not about a special event for my child but rather their unwillingless to work with my child. Perhaps having an assistant with him that could help him stay on track. I feel the teacher is thrilled about my child not partcipating, on the other hand I don't want her to embarrass my child in a room full of strangers.

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