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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Christian is starting kindergarten!

Get ready. I'm about to blow your mind.

Okay, maybe it's blowing my mind.

I'm just gonna say it...


I can't even wrap my brain around this and the only thing reminding me is that I had the first portion of his IEP meeting for full day kindergarten beginning in the fall this morning.

Full day? Are you crazy? I guess he is going to be five. And he did just loose his first tooth...


He didn't loose it so much as I pulled it. Christian's teeth are all kind of loose in his gums. Nothing crazy like any will just fall out or anything but they're weak because they aren't used regularly to chew or talk. So they're not as strong and for that reason I keep a close eye on those suckers.

I was brushing Christian's teeth the other day and I noticed his tiny little tooth rocking back and forth. None of his teeth are THAT loose. But this little tooth was wiggling away. He fluttered his tongue and pushed against it and it popped forward. It was a genuine loose tooth!

I couldn't just let it hang out there like that because it was for sure a choking hazard. So I pulled it! Eeeeew! I've never pulled a tooth in my life. Not even my own when I was little and loosing teeth. It just skeeved me out. But I sucked it up, grabbed a tissue, wiggled it a little, and out it came with no effort. He didn't even flinch.

Loosing a tooth, or shedding any of his baby attributes in general, is really bittersweet for me. It's a piece of the old Christian. I can't help but think about that. It was one of his first teeth. Right on the bottom. It's tiny like when it first came. It chewed his first solids. And now it's gone. It stops me in my tracks a little. This whole issues is the reason I can't part with a single piece of his baby clothing.

On the other hand, he's growing up! And it's an age appropriate, normal occurrence, albeit a tad early. And we celebrate any normal occurrence in this house.

So his official IEP meeting for kindergarten is Friday. And I'm thinking about what to bake. Yes, I bake for IEP's. It makes everyone happy to get doped up on sugar at 830 in the morning. I'm thinking Blondies and Nutella filled sugar donut muffins.

Wish us luck! Maybe we won't need luck. We have sugar!


Dana @ Lil Family Blog said...

Can I have some Blondies?
I'm really freaked out by the idea of kids losing teeth. It was icky when I was a kid and it's icky now!


TazLady said...

All you are doing is getting those poor teachers to care for him all day while you go around saying "he's in kindergarten!" Now you have all day free. Christian does not know whether he is home, at school or in the moon. Public schools have to take all kids, even those who have no clue where they are. It's really sad.

ShaunaQ said...


Take a good look at your post because it is the only one you will see ever published on this blog. And, since you're obviously obsessed with this blog, having posted three inappropriate, nasty comments, it's time to shut this ridiculousness down.

First, you have no business here. You obviously don't care about my family or my kids so what are you doing here? If your goal is to come and spread your self righteous snark in an effort to make sure I know you don't approve, don't you have anything better to do? Like feed your cats or something?

Second, please don't patronize me with your "sad" comments. The only person sad here is you for trolling the blog of a kid with special needs. Do not act like you give the slightest shit about anything that goes on in our life.

Third, judging by your comment above, you know nothing about this issue. I'm well aware that many people think like you. Ignorance is contagious. You don't know my son. You don't know Christian. You have no idea who he is or what he knows. I don't have a nicer way of putting this but back the fuck off of my kids right now, Lady. If you want to talk about me and what a horrible mother I am, go right ahead. But don't talk about my kids, think about my kids, or mention my kids again. I consider that harassment. I'm tracking you and your IP address since this obsession is becoming old.

I don't owe you any answers and you're obviously new otherwise you wouldn't have questions. This blog is for people who care about my son and my family. That's not you. So kindly exit stage left. Go take care of your "hormones" or whatever it is you do. I would respond privately to you but you have the veil of the Internet. You are virtually anonymous and have no name other than your ridiculous profile name.

I've chosen to publish this single comment because I want people to see what people like you think. I want people to be aware of Internet trolls who stalk the blogs of kids with special needs and comment with negativity and hate. This is evil and you are done. From here on out all of your comments will be marked as spam and deleted. If you continue with this I will report you. You have been warned. I am bored with you and I'm done with this.

Erin said...

Oh WOW! Shawna, I'm so sorry you're having to put up with comments from such a miserable troll of a person. She knows NOTHING about Christian or any of the kids she's insulting. I know for a fact that my son knows when he is at school. He recognizes his teachers, other students and even the custodians. He can use his iPad to select their names and ask them questions, so Lady when you start running your mouth about crap you know NOTHING about, you need to think twice before you start shit. BACK OFF!

Samantha Sisk said...

Ugghhh that comment made me sooo mad!!! If only i could go through my phone!!! Im happy for your lil boy that he is starting kindergarden... I wish yall the best of luck! ♥

Casey Settlemire said...

She needs to ad trolling to her interests! What a moron.

Anonymous said...

TazLady ~ You are a classic case of ignorance, since you have absolutely no clue who Christian is as a person, never looked into his eyes to see his soul and his love. However, you feel the need to trash his blog, belittle a special needs child's ability, ridicule his mother and her family. You are a classic bully and full blown coward. You have no problem spewing hurtful words and condemnation and yet don't open yourself to be contacted and confronted. You hide behind fake names and internet blocking. I pity you since you obviously have never experienced the true meaning of Love and Faith. The only person here on this blog that is You. Now, you've had your little moment, please take Shauna's suggestion and get the hell off this blog and crawl under whatever rock you came from.

Lisa Cherek - notice that even though I don't have a blog name, I will not hide under being anonymous.

Julie said...


What is really sad and PATHETIC, besides the point that you know NOTHING about Christian to comment about Christian or Shauna and their family, is that you have NOTHING better in your life then to read through peoples blogs and post comments that are rude and hateful and completely inappropriate.

I would never wish the life Shauna and so many other lead on anyone, even my worse enemy. It is a tough life with tough decisions that always need to be made, but it sure makes you appreciate what you have and who you are. I hope and pray for you. I pray that one day you will be able to look inside yourself and find the good, the understanding, the non judgmental side of yourself. That whatever is going on in your life, good or bad, helps you to open your eyes wider.

Shauna, I hope the IEP went good. Christian will love Kindergarten, he will learn so much and make many friends. He is a smart boy and is loved very much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cyberbully...take a dive off that dock you cruel, worthless, mean soul. Does it help you to feel better about your sad self to pick on a defenseless child...GET A LIFE!!!

Jen said...

What's really sad here is you, Taz. While its clear you were not taught that "if you can't say anything nice, you shouldn't say anything at all" I can share my perspective as a Mom, as an educator, a school leader, and most importantly- a human. While I do not know this family personally I can speak as someone with a heart for special needs children {or someone with a heart period- something I hope you can relate to}. I have seen how children such as Christian have made gains, both large and small, with the services provided by public schools, especially when working as a partner with families and doctors/specialists. It offends me that you consider my job a free daycare service, as I work hard to meet the needs of each of my students, regardless if they are highly capable, or face severe challenges. Also, I believe it is important to have regular needs children around those with special needs. This teaches children about differences, compassion, and tolerance. I am I'm so sorry that you did not have that opportunity, but at the same time I am thankful that your children will be able to learn tolerance and kindness, as it doesn't seem as thought are a great model for that at home. Finally, you follow this blog, it doesn't follow you. Be kind. We aren't talking about a stuffed animal or a puppy. This is a child with a family. If you don't have anything nice to say, it's best to keep your mouth shut and move on.

Anonymous said...

TazLady - I was hoping I would be able to find your blog to find out a little bit more about you other than:

"I am a crazy, hormone deprived wild-woman who needs to slow down and relax once in a while - yeah, right!"

but alas, no luck.

So I am trying to understand what is behind your post and I can only go off the words you used.

Are you upset that public schools must accept all children? Do you feel that any child that is not "normal" should be left in a bed all day - or maybe in an institution? Do you feel that this is a waste of your taxpayer dollars that children with special needs are provided equal opportunities in our schools? And if so - where do you draw the line? Autistic children? Should they stay at home all day being cared for by their family? I hope you realize that, based on your post and your profile, you would probably qualify to be on the autism spectrum - should your parents have to take care of you instead of the public schools?

Or maybe your post really was not about the state of public schools. Maybe your post has more to do with what you view to be the unfair treatment Christian is getting compared to maybe your children in Christian's class. That those poor teachers have to take care of Christian. I am willing to bet that Christian spends more time with therapists and special education professionals and para-professionals than he does with "those poor teachers." And you know what - I am willing to bet "those poor teachers" find what Shauna is doing to be down right inspiring. Most teacher's I have met, especially in primary education, love an engaged parent who is willing to invest as much time as Shauna does in her children. That they love to be able to show what they can do to help Christian reach his potential - whatever that may be.

Maybe your post is about Shauna trying to maintain a normal life, one that celebrates accomplishments she never thought her son would reach and sharing those challenges and victories with us. Maybe you think she doesn't deserve a "normal" life, that she does not deserve joy and that she should just be miserable and lock herself in her home and not be around people.

So - I guess I am not really sure what your post was supposed to convey - what points you were trying to make - so I can just say what I got out of your comment:

"I am a bitch and want to take out my hatred on humanity by posting anonymously on other peoples blogs hoping that I can cause pain and suffering since that is all I have to hold on to."

Lindsey Black... Just another Near Drown Mother said...

If there is one thing I remember, standing in the ICU with shattered dreams for my son... the neurologist said... "Live a normal life! Treat him as if nothing changed. Take him to Disneyland. Do everything you can to live life as if he was enjoying it to his fullest."

And Shauna. YOU my dear are doing JUST that with Christian and your family. You celebrate things as if there wasn't a brain injury. I find it a little more ridiculous when parents with NON special needs kids are jumping for joy on their blogs when their kids do something they are intended to do in life. So the way you hoot and hollar and enjoy EVERY second you have with Christian is very HEARTwarming. Christian deserves the praise you give him. Our kids can feel the support.

I think it is pretty sad that TAZLADY hides behind a blogger name. Even more sad that she has time to sit around and wait for you to post. I would not worry about one thing she says. She has NEVER walked our journey and God forbid that she ever will. She is probably seeking attention and for sure she is getting it. Her life must REALLY suck to want the attention of angry ND moms mobbing after her. Either way. SHe is an idiot. And should get a High Five to the face for EVER bringing your older son into this. As if the siblings don't endure enough.

Ignore the bigot! SHe is an idiot and you have a HUGE following of people who LOVE you and would stand up for you. You are doing AWESOME!!!!!!!! Don't let her second guess you at all.

0136e514-569e-11e2-9fe3-000bcdcb2996 said...

I am astonished that there are still people out there like you TAZLADY. People who think their shit doesn't stink. I hope that you are never in the position to have to rely on others to care for you, because Karma WILL be there. You will then know what it is like to be in Christians place. You could only hope to have people as wonderful as his family, friends, caregivers, and teachers to care for you. He is a wonderful HUMAN BEING who deserves to ne happy and do the things and Ho to places we all go. I am so glad that Shauna has continued to treat him like we all treat our children.

Shauna-take pride in who you are and who Christian is. TAZLADY is just a mean, lonely, bully who obviously has none to really care for her or to car for.


mostly young said...

"TazLady" what do you have to say now I wonder. Ah, well, we all know it has nothing to do with faith, hope or charity; characteristics Shauna consistently portrays and characteristics which you obviously do not recognise and even sadder, more than likely have not experienced yourself.

Lovebugs said...

TazLady, obviously you are no "lady" at all! You must be a miserable, lonely, bitter, ignorant, rude, selfish pig of a person. You're not even a good troll or stalker, because if you were you'd see vividly that Shauna has always dedicated every waking moment to all of her children, and especially to Christian's care and rehabilitation! She has spent every minute seeking resources, obtaining information, rousing support and fundraising, and breathing the opportunities for her children as if her life depended on it. She is an excellent mother. Besides that, you'd have seen very clearly that Christian has made progress in leaps and bounds, and expanding his world will allow him to grow even further. You not only insult his family by your inconsiderate babbling, but you insult all of the wonderful teachers who know how to embrace all children and rise to meet their needs, challenging themselves to go above and beyond even the very high bar they place for their own expectations.

Shauna doesn't need me to come in and defend her- she has resolution and faith in her family and all of her friends. We will always support and love her, and little bugs like you will be left behind, lonely and with only your malicious nature to blame for it.

Mick said...

TazLady... Lady is really not an apt description. If one of your favourite books in by Maya Angelou then you have LEARNED NOTHING by reading it.

Thankfully parents of children like Christian have a worldwide network of caring compassionate friends of those in similar circumstances and many many friends who support them.

If all you have in life is the joy of trolling blogs like this one (and yes I know that all these comments would be giving you a great deal of satisfaction because it is exactly this sort of attention that trolls like you seek) then you are indeed one very sad and sorry excuse for a human.

By your own blogger description (interesting that you don't actually blog..) you must be getting on a bit.. so when Alzheimer's or dementia set in good and proper (or should I say more than they already have) and you have no idea where you are and they cart you off to the nursing home have you given a thought for those poor nurses that you will force to care for you all day, every day, while your family will have lots of free time (assuming of course they have not already abandoned you for your vile attitude).

I hope when the Karma bus hits you it is at full speed.

Anonymous said...

When my son Owen suffered his near drowning accident almost two years ago, I feverishly searched the internet for information, diagnoses, support groups and pretty much anyone who could relate to my story. I was lucky enough to come across Shauna's blog -- it was, and still is, such an inspiration to me. She has shown me that happiness is still possible and we can, and should, continue to celebrate the "everyday" moments in our kids' lives. You see, TazLady, when you almost lose what is so precious to you, every day becomes a new miracle.

Just the other day, we celebrated the fact that Owen ate his first kid's meal at a restaurant in almost two years. I know what you're thinking -- "That poor waitress. She has to serve whoever sits at her table. Kids like that don't know if they're eating French fries through a g-tube or their mouth." But, for us, it was a blessed few moments of "normality."

I find it interesting that you can so expertly assume the level of awareness in kids like my Owen an Christian based on reading a few blog posts. Have you ever looked into their eyes? See them become animated and vocal when they see their peers? Seen them kick their feet in excitement when they are taken through the doors of their school? Seen them smile at their Mom, Dad or siblings? I think the real issue is that your would rather NOT see kids like them. You would rather we parents lock them away in their homes or institutions, lest they make "normal" people feel uncomfortable. Maybe when you see or hear about kids like ours you realize how quickly your own life can be turned upside down -- silly me, I'm sure you're such an excellent parent, nothing like that could ever happen to your children!

My son has a Caring Bridge site -- owenanderson1. If you want even more hell unleashed upon you, I invite you to visit it and make a comment. Or can you only bully one person at a time?

Beth Anderson

annie said...

My daughter, Isabelle, is in fourth grade this year. She has been going to school since she was three years old. She had a near drowning accident at two. She has proved through communication devices that she is learning and testing at grade level. She may not look like she is learning, but she is. There is a video called "only God could hear me" on youtube showing special individuals who look as if they have no abilities but are very intelligent. I love that Isabelle's school is very proactive in teaching the regular ed classes how special our kids are. This teaches them compassion, and to value people who aren't the same as them. I am sorry that tazlady did not learn that lesson. She really is the one with the greatest handicap, after all... isn't love the most important thing. A heart that is so full of hate is a very sad thing and for that I pity her.
Love you Shauna aka Betty :) and Christian will LOVE kindergarten!

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