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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Goodies

I cannot believe I haven't blogged here since March 6th!

Not that I have nothing to say. Not at all!

Actually, it's been the opposite! There has been a little of this and a little of that happening but the biggest "happening" has been moving! We moved! Only five minutes away. Not even. But, somehow, it felt like we were moving to another state!

I started singing, "This is the move that never ends...!"

But, we're finally here and we've been here for a week now. It's a little more room to spread out for us and we're starting to make this our home.

Christian is doing really well. He's received some new equipment and toys but I'm saving that for another post.

Today I'd like to visit Easter!

We love Easter here. And I love putting together "baskets" for the kids. Christian's is always more of a challenge because I have to get really creative and find things that are fitting for him. Also, I don't know if you remember this about me but I don't like getting traditional baskets for Easter for the kids. My mom always tried to get something fun and functional so I try to do the same. Baskets just sit in the closet forever.

So this was what Christian got from the...ahem... Easter bunny!

So what was in the basket?

1. His "basket" was a sun hat with froggies on it. Totally dorky but so cute and keeps his pasty little head from burning. [Target Lawn and Garden Area]

2. Angry Birds toothbrush (This is kind of a tradition - new toothbrush for Easter. Appropriate?) [Walmart Toothbrush Area]

3. Silly Putty. Yes. THE Silly Putty. [Target Dollar Spot]

4. Wooden toy fire truck that's easily "grabbable." [Target Dollar Spot]

5. Bubbles! We've been working on pointer finger extension and we used pointer to pop bubbles today. [Target Outdoor Play Section]

6. A Hulk light up vibratey thing. [Walmart Toys Section]

7. Play dough. [Target Dollar Spot]

8. A Chocolate Bunny! [Walmart Easter Section]

This isn't a traditional chocolate bunny. It's a chocolate bunny for Christian! This means it smells like chocolate but it's soft and cuddly. Just perfect for Christian. And I got it at Walmart if you're interested.

Here's Christian with his froggy sun hat playing with his Easter toys. See how it's easy for him to grip and keep ahold of the toy truck?

"I'm tired but it's all mine!"

It was a great Easter and Christian even got a little taste of cream cheese frosting from the carrot cake. As I mentioned above, we worked on popping bubbles with his right pointer finger and he's been consistent enough that I might be able to get it on video!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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Busy Wife, Healthy Life said...

I love the chocolate scented bunny! Did not see that but I will look for one next year. I bet Abby would love it :) Nice work as always Easter Bunny :)

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