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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Christian Talks and Snowball Therapy

This post is brought to you from SNOWY ARIZONA!!!

(More on that later.)

I've been talking about how Christian has found his voice over the last six or seven months.

But first, let's review some history.

After the accident, everything went silent. Christian had his trache so at the time even if he was trying to make a sound, we wouldn't have heard it.

After getting his speaking valve he very slowly started making noises. Those noises eventually turned into crying and whining. At the time, we were grateful because he could tell us if he was sad or hurt. And he told us...and told us...and told us.

After a while I couldn't help but wonder if the only communication and vocalization Christian could make would be crying or of discontent. I wondered where the other sounds were - happy, interested, communicative, anything else.

Then, seemingly out of the blue, Christian started making noises. His whining calmed to soft moans and then turned into something else. What I refer to as his "talking."

Speech therapy has always been challenging because I'm not going too far in saying that most speech therapists don't really know what to do with Christian.

A while back I was discussing with Christian's OT about his communication. He has always done this eye roll thing that we've always brushed off as seizures or spasms. However, I started noticing that when I talked to him and asked him questions he would look up as if he was responding with an answer. Then his OT was working with him and mentioned the same thing I was thinking - Maybe that's his answer for YES.

So we've been testing it out and he's been really consistent with it. As I've mentioned, he has a new speech therapist that is so awesome. She's like the brain injured kid whisperer. And as she was asking him questions, he was responding with his YES.

So I got some of his talking on video along with his YES.
Listen closely because after I took the video I didn't realize you couldn't hear him very well.
And watch is eyes when I ask him a question.

We did always think they were seizures and sometimes his seizures look a lot like this. But his smiles started from seizures and turned into responsive smiles. So we're going with it.

I'm just amazed at how much is still possible with him. He is still learning and still growing. I can see him using his abilities and building on them in his way. I'm learning again and again to get rid of how I think things should be done and follow Christian in the direction he wants to go.

Oh, yeah, and the snow...

Christian had snowball therapy!

It was a little too cold for Christian outside so I brought him a snowball. He wanted to touch it but then pulled away, then went for it again, and then pulled away. He also watched the snow fall from the sliding glass door and talked away all afternoon.

Sister enjoyed it, too.


Anonymous said...

That video brought a smile to my face! It does look like "yes!" Yay, Christian! As much as that must feel exciting for you to understand that that is his "yes" I bet it is even more exciting for him to be understood! <3

Jen said...

I love the video!! I completely agree with you!! I too think it is YES!! They have their very own language and I think we are the BEST at knowing it, because we are around them all the time!!

Avi has her very sweet little own language and we love it so very much. She makes the cutest, sweetest little sounds when she is happy or likes something. She has the neatest little eye movements when she is excited about something, a book, an activity, some love, someone. And she has been giving more real smiles lately than ever before. They have simply come out of nowhere. They started slow and then were mostly seizure smiles too, and then now she unleashes regular smiles and we are like...whoa! We started out questioning each other, and then just go with it and enjoy.

I remember right after the accident, she came out of the bath and said, Brrr. I was going to post on the blog this week, that this past week we gave her two baths in a row and Dave took her out and sure enough she said Brrr both times! We were shocked.

I think our babes our definitely evolving and emerging and it is very exciting!

I LOVED watching Christian answering your questions consecutively each and every time!! I think it was SO exciting!! And responding verbally too! He is adorable, and I just LOVE listening to you too!! LOVE!!

And YAY for SNOW therapy too!

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