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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back to his old self.

In case you are wondering...

Christian is doing great!

{Insert huge sigh of relief.}

I am so happy he is (almost) back to himself again.

At least the pain isn't bad anymore. He only gets a little sensitive when I bend his knees. So we'll have to work on that a little more. But his scars are almost completely healed over! Oh, and he's not on pain meds anymore.

As if my little dude hadn't been through enough, as soon as he started feeling better he caught his sister's cold. Luckily, it wasn't terrible. It was just your average stuffy nose, cough, low grade fever, kid cold. After missing all that post surgery school, he had to be out again! I think he was so happy to get back to school yesterday. His teacher even said he was doing a lot better and seemed happy to be back. Of course he does! He's been stuck inside the past six weeks!

Anyway, when things go south for a little while it makes me so grateful for little things we take for granted like sleep. One of the best things about Christian feeling better is that he is pretty much sleeping through the night again. Thank you, Baby Jesus!

He was waking up several times a night, even with heavy duty pain meds. He would wake up moaning and crying. It was so difficult to get him comfortable. And I totally believe that six hours of solid sleep feels way better than eight hours of broken up sleep. We're back to solid sleep again!

Christian is also back to "talking" again. Not as much as he was immediately before the surgery but he's getting there. Yesterday I put him in his special tomato chair and spun him around in the kitchen over and over again. He started giving me his half smile and making happy sounds and it was almost like he was actually laughing. Gabe even saw it and started laughing himself! We're getting there, buddy!

We're also started evaluation paperwork for Christian's entry into kindergarten. What the what?! How are we talking about kindergarten?

For now we're getting ready for Valentine's Day and Christian will be sporting his red and special Valentines for all of his buddies!

Tonight, I'm just thankful for my peacefully sleeping boy and my old Christian back.

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