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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Knee Surgery Tomorrow

It's surgery eve!

Nothing to be excited about, really.

But, yes, Christian has surgery tomorrow. It's that surgery I happily put off before Christmas. It's the surgery on his knees that I talked about here.

I guess I'm not really excited, but I am anxious to have it done and out of the way finally. And for some reason I'm not dreading it as much. I feel better about it and not as overly-nervous about going through with the procedure. He's in good health, we're all in good health (also, finally, after all of us BUT Christian got hit with a bad cold), so conditions are optimal for surgery.

I mean, of course, I'm a little worried. Who wouldn't be? They'll have to intubate him and he'll be under anesthesia. I'm just hoping he'll do as well as he did with his VNS surgery. That was a breeze! And so was recovery. I'm hoping for a repeat!

Otherwise, Christian has been really increasing his communication in more ways than one! He has been so vocal lately and I don't know where all this "talking" is coming from...four years later! Just goes to show you, progress is never done and new things can always happen. Even years down the road!

Now, let's talk about play dough. Remember the play dough from Christmas? Well, it has proven to be a a huge motivator for Christian. He loves it! And it's amazing to watch! He grabs at it, he tries to find it with his hands, he even did some raking with his PT, which is grabbing for the play dough, closing his hand around it and dragging it toward him. He also "talks" a lot while he's having play dough time. And will go on for like thirty minutes! He's done this at school for his team while playing with "clean mud," he's done it for his new OT, and he's done it for his PT. Just consistently talking and reaching when it comes to play dough.


And since we're on the subject of talking, the other night he was talking so much when I put him to bed, I had to go into his room and tell him:

"Christian. It's time for bed!"

I not so secretly love it.

So I'm only hoping there will be more of that, despite the surgery. The fear is always that with surgery or sickness all that progress will cease or take a break. But I'm a firm believer that if he's done it before, he'll do it again.

Please keep Christian in your thoughts and send up a little prayer for him that he is in and out without a hitch.

Love my little dude.

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Erin said...

I love that he's doing so well! "Talking" and playing with play dough just what a little boy his age should be doing! :) I hope that surgery went okay today and that Christian has a speedy recovery. Give that sweet little boy a kiss for me!

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