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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

We are a week out from Thanksgiving and I'm diving head first into the Christmas season. But let's revisit Thanksgiving weekend again because it was pretty great, despite Christian getting over a cold.

Yeah, he got a cold. Remember when we cancelled the surgery because we were all sick and we didn't want him to potentially get sick while recovering from a surgery? Well, guess what...he got sick. Double ear infection, weird seizure activity, spiking a temperature sick. Christian really doesn't get sick that often
(KNOCKING ON WOOD!!!) so when he does, the symptoms always throw me off a little. But when it's all said and done, the fever paired with funky seizures and irritability are pretty much normal "sick" behavior for Christian.

Anyway, Christian had to be out the entire week of school prior to Thanksgiving but with a stiff shot of antibiotics he was on the mend. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

And he wants you to know...

We're not vegetarians, by the way. He still looks awfully cute fending for the turkeys. And you know he got some Thanksgiving dinner in his blends, right?

After the Thanksgiving Day parade I put him in front of the annual dog show. To my surprise he was pretty interested! He vocalized a couple times, stared at the show rather than gazing off, and was waving his hand. So Christian likes the dog show. Who knew?

Every Thanksgiving we always celebrate twice. We have a traditional day with family and then we have another Thanksgiving with friends or sometimes just our little family. We just love left overs of our own. We're gluttons like that. So this "Second Thanksgiving," also referred to as "Friendsgiving" was held in the mountains! We had the opportunity to visit a beautiful cabin in Mt. Lemon, our local mountain retreat. Just an hour up the mountain and minus twenty degrees and we are in completely different surroundings.

Some of the mountain seen here with no trees was burned in the Aspen Fire several years ago and still hasn't grown back.

It was chilly up there and Christian was on the tail end of his cold, so he stayed nice and cozy.

He still got out to breath some of that mountain air...and to eat s'mores.

We had such a fun time and we are so grateful to be able to do something like that with the kids.

After being sick, Christian always changes things up on us. It's like his brain gets a chance to rest a little maybe. He has always been fussy when the evening rolls in. I've talked about it many times, in fact, the primary job of his seizure medication is to calm him so he can sleep. He would get fussy, get meds, and fall asleep. Lately, he hasn't been fussing around that time at all! Usually his fussing is my alarm clock to give him his meds, so it's been hard to remember since he is just chillin on the couch. And he's been staying peacefully awake. Hope this keeps up! I like him joining in on our evening activities and not having to worry about if it's too overwhelming or having him asleep the entire time.

In retrospect, I'm so glad we decided to postpone the surgery. Because he would have gotten sick on top of trying to recover and that would have been a nightmare. Now to decide when we want to go through with it.

For now I just want to focus on the Christmas season. We put up a tree tonight and sister very carefully helped.

I'm uncharacteristically ready for this season. We have a tree up, advent calendars open, and our first broken ornament. Ah, Christmas is coming.

Guess what else is coming! A little girl I know turns three soon and we're celebrating next weekend!

Hint: Think pink.

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Jen said...

Oh how I love all the always!! seems I always have to pick my favs too!! I LOVE the one of Manny feeding Christian the s'more!!! Every single thing about love!!

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