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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tree Therapy

The tree is up!

And signs of Christmas have unloaded themselves on to my living room windows, mirrors, and ceiling...

Lights are everywhere! I hung them from the ceiling last year thinking Christian might like to look at them when he's laying down. So we brought the ceiling lights back this year and I love them. They look great paired with my coffee filter snow flakes! Lots to look at for all the kids, but especially for Christian.

Something else happened!
Christian put an ornament on the Christmas tree for the first time ever! It took a team to make it happen, but doesn't it always?

Christians OT's and Speech Therapist were there helping him and I'm not quite sure they totally understood just how monumental this moment was but they were a huge part of it!

And he was kind of playing along, maybe actually enjoying it.

Thomas the Tank Engine hangs happily next to Cinderella at the bottom of our tree. Lola and Mommy had a special date last week that consisted of a Strawberry milkshake (Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino), a "brown, coffee drink that's mixed up" (Lola's translation for Mommy's Starbucks drink), and a trip to the ornament section of the store. She chose Cinderella for herself and Thomas for Christian.  

And they lived happily ever after.

I think Christmas tree therapy has been a pretty cool method of therapy. It's totally sensory, it's in Christian's reach, he can feel it, touch it, and see it. And Lola kind of likes it, too.

Oooooh, Christmas tree therapy!

We like!

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Deana said...

Putting the ornament on the tree...that made me teary! I get that, totally! What a great moment!

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