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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Therapy Love.

Today we had therapy at the park!

One of the parks we have visited installed some new adaptive and sensory play equipment so we wanted to check it out!

We met Christian's OT, PT, and ST at the park. It was a therapy party!

We're not sure if the adaptations are finished but for some reason the area with the new equipment was the only area NOT shaded. (What's up with that???) Never fear! One of Christian's therapists had an umbrella that helped shade Christian as he played.

Then it was off to the yellow tunnel!

How 'bout a feather boa, Christian?!

No way!

Fine, I'll play along. This is just crossing the line you guys.

What was cute about the tunnel is that other kids were playing and at first wanted to know what was going on in the tunnel. Then they met Christian, said hello, and went on about their business. A little red-headed girl climbed down from the tunnel after meeting and watching Christian and said, "He's just so cute!"

I said, "I know! He's mine!"

Off to the slide!

I actually already knew from previous experience that Christian is not a slide fan. But it doesn't matter. He used to hate bouncing and jiggling and tickling. And now he smiles with bouncing and jiggling. So he's going down a slide once in a while!

Save me!!!

And what was Lola doing?

She was busy being a beautiful princess. Business as usual.

It's called grass therapy! Try it!

We are really blessed with a great team.

And Christian is loved.

Now, this Mama is off to Seattle early tomorrow morning to meet up with other amazing mothers who have super kiddos like Christian. I can't wait! But I will miss my babies something fierce. It's amazing how when I'm packing for just myself, it takes so much less time! I am constantly feeling like there is more to do. But, nope, it's just me going.

See you when I get back!

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