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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Christian and the pumpkin patch.

Christian went on a field trip today with his class!

Not only did he get to visit a pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin, but he also got to ride a school bus for the very first time!

Even though I wanted to go and witness all this preschool pumpkin madness, I wasn't allowed. I was mildly annoyed by it, but I'm sure hovering parents are as equally annoying. Even Steven. And, in all honesty, it's okay if he does things without Mom around every once in a while. He can have those experiences of his own with other students and his teacher and his aid. He's his own man now.

So when I dropped him off I told him he would be riding a bus. Sometimes when there is a lot of commotion during transporting between the house and car he'll get all gaggy and he'll start to make himself vomit. So I looked him right in the eyes (and he looked at me right back) and I told him not to throw up, not to scare his teachers, and that he would be going on a bus for the first time. He listened to everything I said while holding eye contact. I'm sure he was thinking, "Mom, just leave. I got this."

I asked the teacher to take a picture of his first time on the bus and I left my sunscreened, blond haired boy to enjoy his field trip like the independent little man that he is.

Reports were that it was a great time! His aid helped him choose a small pumpkin to take home and he did great on the bus. I was so happy to hear about all of it! And not really annoyed about not tagging along after all. It was a strange, new kind of happy. I was proud.

And now for a few pictures.

Christian with his aid who loves him so much.

"Choosing" his pumpkin.

Christian's PT from school, Mr. Dan, came along, too! If you look closely you can see through Christian's sunglasses that he is looking at Mr. Dan. He is definitely thinking -

Mr. Dan, I like your orange shirt. They match my shorts. And this pumpkin. Well played, Mr. Dan. Well played. 

The truth about today is that I was happy to let him have his own experiences. I don't worry about Christian much. I mean the day to day things, I pretty much always know how he's doing. But it felt good for my Mommy heart to worry about him a little. Not the bad kind of worry. The "don't forget your lunch money-first day of school - look both ways before you cross the street - have fun, Honey" kind of worry. Every minute of every day involves me, except for the short time he is in school. So it was kind of nice to watch him fly a little.

I'm glad I got to experience letting him do his own thing. I'm over the moon that he got to have his own thing.

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