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Sunday, October 14, 2012


I am having a blasty-blast with my blogging project for Dancing With the Stars!

Of course, it's a lot of fun because I love the show and I'm very passionate about who stays and who goes. But there's another reason I'm enjoying this so much.

I love to write. But I am absolutely enamored with writing about things I love. That's why I continue to blog about Christian, Lola, Gabe, and our whole family. It comes easily because it's my heart in print. Every struggle we've had gives birth to a heart wrenching blog post that provides a chance for me to unload. It's free therapy. Likewise, with every triumph I've been able to celebrate on this blog by shouting from the rooftops and dancing a victory dance through written words. It is completely fulfilling.

Writing about Dancing With the Stars isn't that serious. What I mean is that I'm not writing about brain injury or orthopedic surgeries. Sometimes not writing about serious happenings is exactly what I need. I get to write about TV stars, spray tans, floating Foxtrots, beautiful dresses, and shiny things. It's fluff. It's my fluff. It provides my brain much needed respite.

And now that I've had a taste of brain-fluff-respite I realize just how important it is to have that for every mom, not just moms with extra goodies to deal with.

It's easy to be afraid of venturing out of my comfort zone. Each year, which I equate with life seasons, I absorb a new theme (or several). The beginning of this year I was determined to get over being afraid. I wanted to question what gave me fear and then take it on as a project. At first it was with ferocity and malaise. But now, it's with interest and self fulfillment and it's not even on purpose.

Stepping out of the box. Facing fears. Enjoying the fluff.

If you'd like to see some of my stepping out side of the box fluff, here's a link to my appearance last week on our local morning show, Morning Blend.

And I get to step outside of my "box" again and visit the show this Tuesday.

If you're wondering why I love Dancing With the Stars so much, click here and read about it! I blog about it every week!

So what are you afraid of?

Find your fluff and enjoy it.

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