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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Team Christian!

Today was the day!

It was MyTeam Triumph 5K day!

Just to refresh your memory, the way it works is Christian is the "Captain" and we, his runners, are his "Angels." Daddy has an injury he's resting and Gabe has early Saturday morning football practice. So I enlisted amazing ladies to help Christian reach the finish line. Going forward they will be referred to as "Christian's Angels."

Is that Christian bundled up in MyTeam Triumph red, you ask? Why, yes. Yes, it does get really cold before the sun comes up in Southern Arizona. So Daddy wrapped him like a little red chili burrito. He was diggin' it.

Lola, on the other hand, is not exactly a morning person.

Baby Burrito!

Getting ready at the start line. Can you find Christian?

There he is!

If you're wondering if Christian is riding in his own chair, you'd be right. The attachment swivel wheel was supposed to be for another little girl whose family was thinking about running. She was on a vent so it was really important she stay in her own seat so it could accommodate her vent. Manny created a piece that would attach the wheel to the already existing Zippy base that was similar to Christian's wheelchair. So we got to be the guinea pigs and test it out earlier this week. It turned out that the family ended up not running so Christian got to try it out for the actual 5K! It handled so well! It swivels and turns so smoothly, it's easy to push, and the important aspect of all - Christian was so comfortable! Not a peep out of him. Last year he got a little upset about some of the bumps and toward the end he started to whine and extend his arms and legs, which means he is done. But with this chair, which is his chair, custom for his little body, he was perfectly comfortable. I loved it and can't say enough good things about how this adaption turned out.

Thanks, Steve King and Daddy for making it possible for Christian to enjoy the race more than ever!

Back to the races...

Almost there!

Go Emily! Pushing Christian in PT and pushing him in 5K's. Best PT in town!

And here we are! Christian's Angels heading toward the finish line!

All done! Team Christian rocked it!


Deana said...

Hooray for team Christian. And also...what is Manny charging for that wheel? I want one for Max's chair!!!

Jen said...

How exciting!! I love the picture of Christian all bundled up!! But then again...I love all the pictures!

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