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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Perfectly Imperfect

I think this "family portrait" is one of the cutest stinkin' things to ever come out of preschool in the history of preschools. Ever.

Not only does it have our family (minus Ruby, the dog), but each of our little heads are made from Christian's very own finger print. Holy cuteness!

I also thought it was funny that we were all painted with blond hair. Two possible reasons for that. One is that the school really only sees me and the two munchkins and we're all blondies. The other reason, probably more likely, is that whoever was helping Christian with this picture had a yellow marker in her hand and that meant we all got yellow hair. Would have been the same if she had a purple marker in her hand. Either way, still way cute.

Another one of Christian's masterpieces from last year...

All the kids from Christian's preschool class had their masterpieces in a little school art show last year. So I keep this one on the refrigerator. A little girl was at our house and she asked, "What's wrong with that flower?"

I thought her question was funny, actually. I mean it's a reasonable question. Obviously, those flowers were supposed to be big red hand prints.

From this work of art I can tell that Christian was not idly sitting by, allowing for his hands to be molded into a perfect high five. He was resisting. That's what I see in that picture. Resistance to the big red hand flowers. And it makes me laugh.

So nothing is wrong with it, little girl. It's perfectly imperfect.

I have a problem with collecting art work of Christian's. I've gotten it to where I'm at least purging the colorings that are merely smudges or crayon scribbles. But I have a compulsive need to keep everything he ever creates, even if it's with the help of others.

Which results in the following picture:

That's all from last year. It's the best of the best. My favorites. If you look closely you'll be able to see the seasons, passing you by. You've got fall leaves, a Halloween spider, a Christmas tree, a four leaf clover, a fish, and, folks, this is not the end of it. It's just all I could fit in one frame without backing up too much. And, again, it's from last year!!!

P.S. I have a building stack of perfectly imperfect, beautiful, genius masterpieces already from this year, which includes his absolutely adorable yellow haired, finger print family.

Time to streamline so my kitchen wall doesn't turn into an 8th grade magazine collage.

Art wall to be continued...

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