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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Excitement to come!

After a long, hot, never-ending Arizona summer, cooler weather is coming. Or so the news would like us to believe. I'm still excited. Pumpkins, apple picking, trick or treating - there's a lot to be excited about! I love this time of year because the weather isn't extreme and we can do things outside as a family.

But pumpkins and apples aren't the only thing we're excited about around here! Next week I'm digging my sweaters out of hiding, packing up my rain boots and heading to Seattle for the third annual Near Drown Moms Retreat! I am so excited! I love these ladies. They all know the deal. They all walk the path. And it's just a chance to take a break, relax, connect, and refresh. I am so excited but starting to get that anxiety about leaving the kids and hubby again. Is it weird that I miss them already?

Christian is doing really well! He looks at me when I talk to him, he's been grabby hands lately, and he even hooked my sun glasses and pulled them off! He's been talking to his speech therapist at school a little more and I hear he has a crush on a little girl in his class. Not surprising.

More excitement occurred last week when I found out I was the winner of the Dancing With the Stars: All Stars Super Blogger contest! I entered the contest run by our local ABC affiliate by writing in a short essay explaining why I would be the ultimate Super Blogger. And I won! Well, obviously, I love the show. I've been watching it with my aunt forever. We've watched it through my pregnancies, births, health issues, moves, and everything with Christian. No matter what we were going through we have always found so much happiness in this show. I mean we cheer, we laugh, we are so into it! And I love writing, especially about things I love, so, of course, I'd love to blog about DWTS!

The contest was run in 12 different markets (kind of like cities) and the grand prize is whoever has the best blog out of those 12 markets gets to go to the finale taping in LA! I'm dying! That would be so fun!

I found out last Friday I won and I wrote my first blog last night, which published this morning. I'll be blogging for the next 10 weeks of the season!

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Jen said...

Shauna! How exciting to be the DWTS blogger!!! That will be so much fun!! That is so awesome that you were picked!! My mom is addicted to that show, I will have to tell her about you, for sure!

So many exciting things, that will be such a nice retreat for you to go on! I can't wait to see pictures from it!

And always, Christian...hey, where's the cutie Christian pictures? ; )

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