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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thank you, CrossFit!

We've been back from our trip to LA for a whole week now and it's time to share pictures!

Just to review, CrossFit filmed our video for ISR. See for your self what a great job they did!

ISR CrossFit video from Shauna Quintero on Vimeo.

So they invited us out to LA for the CrossFit games AND a day at Disneyland and California Adventure! All compliments of the wonderful people at CrossFit!


We had an awesome time at Disneyland! It really is a different experience taking small children. It's not about ride hopping and getting in line for the best roller coaster as fast as we can. Bringing small children to Disneyland is soul enhancing, I swear. We discovered new parts of Disney we had never seen before and we loved every second of it.

We ventured through "Mickey's House" and the end result was meeting Mickey Mouse, ears and all!

Lola crawled into the teacup and I wanted to get a picture with her and look! We were photo bombed by the Mad Hatter!

Crazy Mad Hatter. And he wouldn't pose with anyone else because Alice was looking for him so he was off and running.

And, oh my gawd, I just have to take a moment to tell everyone what a religious experience I had watching my little girl meet her first princess. She met Belle, Ariel, and her last princess was Princess Tiana. I had to make myself stand back and allow her to say hello to the princess herself, just like a big girl. With a half shy, half confident Lola voice, when the princess asked her what her name was she announced, "I'm Wowa." Can I just tell you that I seriously had tears in my eyes. I don't even know why! Pretty sure Disneyland is made of magic, that's why.

Can I also just tell you about how amazing Disneyland is at accommodating those with special needs and wheelchairs. We've taken Christian to Disneyland before with his special needs stroller, and they've always done a wonderful job at making everything accessible. But the set up on the Jungle Cruise takes the cake. Hands down.

Take a look at this ride.

That's Christian in there. Prince Christian gets his own throne! It rises up from the boat, connects to a platform, and then Christian is wheeled on to the boat where he gets his own special seat, set aside specifically for kids as cool as he is. Well played, Disney, well played.

It was also his favorite ride. He looked around at all the animals and trees, all from the comfort of his "throne."

I bet you thought Gabe hadn't come along. Nope! He was there. But he's all old and teenagerish so we let him go find the best roller coasters on his own.

The whole thing was so cool and Disney really goes above and beyond. I mean it is the happiest place on earth, guys.


See, there's Gabe!

We ventured down to the field to watch the rope climbing event and Christian got his first sunburn. Parents of the year over here!

Christian liked his pass.

We didn't really know what to expect with the games but it's kind of a big deal.

After three awesome days, Christian was spent!

The whole trip to California was such a wonderful opportunity and we are humbled that they even invited us!

One last thing, we're really trying to raise funds for scholarships so other kids can attend ISR lessons without cost being an issue. If you find it in your heart to donate to these scholarships, you may do so in Christian's name!

Please click on the link here:

Thank you!

And thank you, CrossFit!


Jen said...

Shauna I just love all of the pictures, and most of all...I just watched the video and while sad, it was so inspiring. I am so glad you decided to do it.

If anyone decides to judge you for the video, that is entirely about them, and on them, and has nothing to do with you. I know you know this, but we are all human, we all make mistakes, some more costly than others, some get lucky as their mistakes didn't *cost* them so greatly, but if they *think* it can't happen to them...they better think again!! Hot button! Can you tell you struck a hot button in this one :D

Your video was beautiful. You were beautiful, Christian was beautiful, and my gosh - Lola, she was a little beauty as she spun around in the pool. What a great cause! Thank you for bringing awareness to something I would never have even thought about, or sought out on my own.

I'm so happy you had a good trip!



Jen said...


First time I could comment on your blog in FOREVER!! Forever? Foreva! Eva!

lucilovesraspberries said...

As always Shauna, you take my breath away with how eloquent you are. This is a beautiful video - it could not be better - Christian and Lola did a great job in it too. You are amazing. love from peg

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