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Thursday, July 12, 2012 we come!

Road trip chocolate chip cookies are fresh out of the oven.

Why are they "road trip" chocolate chip cookies? Well, because anyone who knows me knows that if you are coming on a road trip with us, you're getting homemade chocolate chip cookies.

What road trip, you ask?

Remember when I referred to the super awesome LA trip coming up?

It's here!

Let me back up...back in April we were involved in a project for ISR, telling our story and why ISR was so important through a video. The company CrossFit shot and produced the video. I've seen it and I love it! I can't wait to share it with everyone!

Anyway, the CrossFit games are happening in LA this weekend and CrossFit invited our family to attend! We were so honored by the invitation we said YES immediately. Because driving for us is easier and totally doable living only a state away, we are road tripping it effective tomorrow morning!

It's so funny how this all ties in. I can't say enough about how wonderful ISR is and has changed our lives.

Today, Aidan's little brother and sister completed their first summer of ISR lessons. This is very special because Aidan is just like Christian. He also suffered a near drowning and has a similar brain injury to Christian. I know it was very hard for his Mama but she was brave and made it through the classes along with Aidan's little brother and sister! I am so happy they were able to do this. And I'm so proud of Aidan's Mama! (She's a "tribe sister" of mine!)

And even more good news, a family friend of ours recently enrolled their eight month old baby in his first round of ISR classes. I got this text message:

Started ISR on Monday. Watched the baby float on his back by himself for about ten seconds today. Super excited!!...
I am so excited about this, too! These friends of ours have known us since before Christian's near drowning so they know just how important this is for their little man. I am just so excited that this is becoming a ripple effect and more and more children are benefitting from learning not just how to swim, but how to rescue themselves. It is very emotional for me, but I feel like getting the information out, and most of all, making the opportunity available is a personal mission of mine.

And there you have it. The day before we take off for the CrossFit games and see some of our ISR friends, two messages summarizing the beginning and end (for now) of the ISR journey of two families. Am I hearing the Circle of Life song swelling in the background? No? You don't hear it? I hear it! And, yes, I'm a total cornball right now. It's all the cookie dough.

On that note, I'm ready to pack up these road trip chocolate chip cookies and head out!

Los Angeles or bust, Baby!


haleydee8682 said...

im going to miss you when youre gone :(

annie said...

Awesome Shauna!!! (and I want a road trip chocolate chip cookie!)

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