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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ISR - The video.

We're back from our CrossFit weekend in LA! It was a really awesome trip and I want to share about all the amazing things that we got to be a part of over the weekend.


There is something else I'd like to share first!

Remember that video I told you were were filming to spread the word about ISR? Well, CrossFit filmed the video, hence the reason for being invited to the games last weekend.

And the video? Well, I've been waiting anxiously to share it with everyone. After the finale of the CrossFit games, they posted the video on their website and I finally got the go-ahead that I could share it with everyone.

So, here goes!

ISR CrossFit video from Shauna Quintero on Vimeo.

!!!Click here for a direct link to the Crossfit Journal Entry featuring the video!!!

I have to admit that I was nervous watching it again. For some reason I questioned whether I did the right thing, outing myself and reminding everyone how this happened. I was afraid of being judged and looked upon as a bad mother.

But I had to get over myself and remember what drove me to do this in the first place. Of course, I wanted to spread the word about how wonderful the ISR program is. But I also really want to help make ISR more accessible to more children without cost being an issue. We want to raise money so we can assure another little boy just like Christian will have the skills to save himself should he ever fall in the water.

Those desires are what drove me to do that video. And because of that, I can't be scared of what others think. It's the truth about what happened. It's the truth about how easily it can happen to even the most diligent of parents.

That truth is why I'm asking you to donate to ISR. You can donate in Christian's name. It will be his gift to who ever receives an ISR scholarship.

This is life saving stuff.

Donate by clicking here.

Here's the actual link if you'd like to share.

Don't forget to check the box, "Donate in Christian's Name."

Christian thanks you. Our family thanks you.

And so does the child who receives a scholarship.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome video, Shauna! I admire the courage it took for you to do this.
Beth Anderson

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