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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer is bringing it.

We are thoroughly enjoying our 100+ degree summer days, and the beginning of our monsoon evenings. A lot of people complain about the heat here, but I don't mind it. At least not until maybe September. Then I'm done.

Summer is bringing it with some pretty awesome stuff lately.


We got respite hours! Actually, that happened months ago. But we haven't used it until now. We don't have nursing, mostly by choice, I haven't really looked into it. Our house is too small to add a stranger in the mix. We like our privacy and it's just too invasive for us. It may be needed in the future, but not now.

As for respite, that was definitely needed. If not just so I could get out of the house and get some groceries. But I was still not comfortable allowing a stranger in our house to be alone with Christian. Of course, that person wouldn't always be a stranger, but still! Also, the respite provider can't technically watch Lola, as well. So was I supposed to go do fun things with just Lola in tow? No. We're a family, and I have a huge problem with leaving Christian behind if all of us are going. One night the coordinator for respite said we could get hours for a date night. Yippee! But what about Lola? I'd have to find an additional sitter for her. And that sitter would watch Christian anyway. Respite wasn't making sense for us. In fact, the only thing that respite could provide is assistance while I'm home or while we go on an outing with just me and both the kids. It started feeling like more of a headache. Do you see my dilemma?

That is mom signed up to learn how to be a respite provider!!! And now she's our respite provider. She's not a stranger. The kids know and love their Nana. It has been pretty close to perfect!


We're almost at the three year mark. Yes, it's been three years since we got to keep Christian! And are we celebrating? Of course, we are! That is a day for celebration and Christian is reason enough to celebrate. More to come...


Mama has been trolling Pinterest for ideas for the birthday boy who will be...drum roll please...four years old! He's not a baby anymore. Still looks like one to me with those big ol' cheeks. Okay, so he's not a baby anymore. And, okay, so his birthday isn't until the first of August. This is the thing, last year I was jaded and said screw this birthday party crap, we're going to Mexico. I had a moment. I don't ever want to miss the opportunity to celebrate Christian again. So there will be a party, alright. One that involves Pinterest ideas and a month to plan and buddies like him and...dinosaurs. Also, maybe a jumping castle, but don't tell Christian, K?


I'm not elaborating yet but just know that some super awesome things are going down. I'll just throw a few words out there...L.A....Crossfit...July...ISR... Yeah, it's super awesome, I told you!


So summer is really bringing it like crazy but I can't help but feel like my hand has been slapped. Remember my post about God? Well, I just got word that a little girl Christian went to school with grew her wings. I don't know why and I don't know details but I can't help but have such a mixture of feelings as her family grieves her passing while we plan for amazing things ahead. It's like a sign from above saying - Stop acting like a brat. I don't mean to sound incredibly narcissistic about her passing, but it's how I relate and make sense of this - that kids like ours, fragile little souls, can so easily be gone tomorrow. What I'm saying is that it was like perspective delivered to me on my doorstep. I don't feel bad about feeling thankful for our current path, though. Not in this line of work.


Christian hasn't had one of his big seizures in a few days. Isn't it backward that I'm so used to seeing them every day that when he goes without them, I get concerned? Welcome to this line of work.

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ferfischer said...

Ooooh - I have something on each:
Respite - HUGE YAY! This is what my sister used to do for us too - until the state changed the rules, and now we have a hard time getting any (we have the same amount, but no provider, and other kids). Bummer. Use it all up, baby.
Anniversary - yes well, i hate those, but i'm all for a party.
Birthday - YES! Another party!
Super Awesome Things - :)
Reflection - Sorry to hear this - but I know how we are slapped to reality sometimes. Perspective is a great thing.
Weird - Yay for no big seizures. Hey, if it ain't broke.

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