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Monday, April 16, 2012


We've been home for less than a week after our hospital stay and things have been pretty calm. The last night of our stay we decided to start a new drug called Clobazam The first night registered no seizures on the EEG, which was a big surprise to me! That's pretty much unheard of around these parts.

The first day he was on the medication he had a few seizures, maybe five or so. And that's been consistent every day since, but it's probably more like ten seizures a day. He seems to get them in clusters like his old seizures. It's funny because it almost seems like his old seizures have been replaced by these new tonic-clonic seizures. Or maybe they are the same seizures, they're just changing with time.

He is, however, not having seizures right after getting his evening medication dose. We give it to him in the evening because our primary issue right now is managing Christian's evenings. I've mentioned it several times that it is extremely difficult on all of us, including Christian, when he is inconsolable. Priority number one is getting that under control.

I'm happy to say that Clobazam has been successful in calming Christian in the evenings. It allows him to chill out and fall asleep. He has so far had easier days, less agitation, and an easier time relaxing. The best part about this is it hasn't really compromised his daytime manner. He doesn't seem any less alert or any more lethargic, which was a big concern of mine. He is, obviously, lethargic right after he gets the med but that may change, in fact all of this may change, as he gets used to the new medication. Hopefully, our new peaceful evenings won't change. We like those.

The prescription does call for us to increase the dose after a week to twice a day instead of once a day. I'm trying to figure that out because I don't want him lethargic and sleepy for school. Not sure how to proceed with that.

But for now, Christian seems a little more peaceful. And a little more vocal, interestingly enough. The seizures are secondary. If we can make sure he is comfortable and happy in the evenings, mission accomplished.

Now, shhhhh...babies are sleeping.


No, that's not a rug snuggled up to Christian. That's our dog, Ruby.

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Jen said...

My gosh do I love looking at pictures of Christian. Thank goodness for nighttime peacefulness. I hope things are still going that way for you guys! And of course for Christian as well!

I have so much to say...

Happy Mother's Day to one of the BEST moms I have ever known in all of my life. You really are truly amazing. You handle yourself so well and I am honestly so impressed by how you handle your whole family, and keep everything and everyone in balance! I hope they spoil you something rotten today : )

I am still awake because besides being nocturnal, I am having "Pie Problems!" Not to be confused with "Meatball Problems" or "Miki Problems", but BIG TIME "Pie Problems" tonight! I am about to throw the shit out da window!

BUT! Dave and I took the opportunity to catch up on the last 3 episodes of The Pauly D Project! YEAH BUDDY! Oh how we (you and me) love the!! "Stick your tongue as far down her throat as possible" "If she has a big butt, call her big butt" says the master! Hee!

There's mind just went blank...back to the blog, and I gotta go check the Lemon Chess Mess Pie : )

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