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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wearing Yellow

The theme of the week is construction.

Which reminds me...I have to find a yellow shirt for Christian because tomorrow is "wear yellow" day at preschool.

I seriously just got up to go look for one before I forget and remember tomorrow during the morning rush five minutes before we have to be at school.

I found one. It's a Spongebob muscle tee. Arizona is warm but not muscle tee warm right now so we'll put a long sleeve shirt underneath to rock that muscle tee out tomorrow.

These are the kinds of decisions I'm making for Christian this week. We're not talking about hips, surgeries, sicknesses, or medications. We're talking about construction week and sporting yellow.

It feels pretty damn good, ladies and gentlemen.

It was Christian's first day of real preschool. But didn't he already start school? -you ask. Yes. There are two different classrooms and I wrote about the differences here.

We walked through the door of Christian's new classroom and his teacher was really excited for him. She greeted him right away. Another little boy came up to Christian, came close to his face and told him his name, then ran away to play. It was time for library and everyone lined up. Christian included.

He got to ride a tractor with his teacher with it being construction week and all. And he made it through the day, happily.

He likes school. Scratch that. He loves school.

How can I tell? His OT at school just told me the first time she ever heard him cry was yesterday when she accidentally tripped over his foot and scared him.

He cries and whines all the time at home. And it was the first time she had ever heard him cry. Yeah, pretty sure he loves school.

There was a time where what I wanted was for Christian to come back to me. And while wishing and praying for that boy to surface, I found another little boy along the way. I wrote about my two sons here.

While I still identify with those feeling and I still relate with those who've lost children, I am enjoying, celebrating, and embracing my on.

This one boy that I've found is quite the little man. He holds mysteries and he always keeps us wondering how to get to them. He knows his Momma. He knows his home. He knows what he likes and he is very adamant about what he doesn't like.

Sometimes I feel guilty for underestimating him. I guess underestimating isn't the right word. More like not taking into consideration that Christian might want to be around other three year olds. What if he doesn't mind not being able to run with them. Maybe he's just happy watching them and listening to them, absorbing the crazy energy and chaos that is being three.

Maybe he has things to say. How could I have not considered that? I just assumed he didn't understand. Maybe he understands everything, he just has a hard time communicating it.

He is full of mysteries yet to be discovered but I've found him, my boy. He was there all along. And as time goes by, more and more is uncovered and he's emerging as the little boy that God needs him to be.

We found him. And he's wearing yellow tomorrow.

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