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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Verdict: Spine and Hips and Curls

We visited Christian's orthopedist. It was as expected. Not great. But not the end of the world.

The verdict:


About a year and a half ago, x-rays showed about a 30% slippage on both sides. Now, the doctor estimates his left hip is about 90% out of socket and the right one is about 15%. It makes sense because Christian's left side is his tighter side. Christian was also tighter than usual today and so I think the numbers might be off a little with the left hip maybe being around 80% (maybe not) and the right being more than 15%. The estimates were also done by two different doctors at two different hospitals in two different states so there is that.


If you look in the upper right hand corner by his neck you can see his VNS. Look below that and you can see part of the device where the screen cuts off. Cool!

Christian has about a 45 degree curve to the right. It's at the bottom of his spine so it doesn't threaten any major organs at this point. We're working on stretching that right side out at the hip.

First, I have to say we are blessed with an excellent ortho doctor. He is kind, knowledgeable, and conservative with his recommendations. Having a doctor like him makes it easier to handle news like this and make a plan.

He said regarding Christian's hips, we can let the left hip go ahead and fall out of socket or we can operate and put the hip back in the socket. He said he has had patients do both and has had an equal amount of success and failure with both options. We are going to take another look in three months. If there will be any surgery, it will be on summer break.

As for the spine, at this point the doctor wasn't too concerned about it. If it gets any worse we might have to consider spine straightening surgery, but we're now on alert that we really have to be diligent in stretching and straightening that spine as much as possible. He didn't suggest a brace and actually discouraged its use, but I'm not sold on that. I'm still going to research the option.

We both agree that at this point, unless something is causing pain, we are hesitant to plan any surgeries. We'll reconvene in three months and come up with a better game plan.

And my feelings on the subject...I was fine all day, really. I hyped myself up for an appointment with horrendous results. I don't know what "horrendous results" would be - an arm where a leg should be? I just psyched myself out. The appointment wasn't horrible and the results were nothing I couldn't see on my own or anything I didn't already know.

I still need to process this. I know as my medical mind is put to bed, the mommy mind and heart emerges. Then it's different. Then it stings.

But it's still the same old Christian. It doesn't change who he is right now, but I firmly believe that knowledge is power and knowing is freeing. We now know what we're dealing with and we can move forward.

We'll have some big decisions to make in the future, I'm sure. This is part of Christian's life.

But tonight we decided to focus on the beautiful head of curls he's growing.

This is after bath time. And clearly, before bed time.

He is a precious, angelic, broken little soul.

And we deeply love him so.


CtotheM said...

The last lines broke my heart and made it swell at the same time. You are such a phenomenal Mamma. You inspire me :-)

Jen said...

I so love looking at pictures of Christian. Thanks for sharing!

I am happy your appointment wasn't as bad as you (I do it too) thought it was going to be.

Once again...

you cracked me up! You are too funny Shauna! This was the culprit for me tonight.

"And my feelings on the subject...I was fine all day, really. I hyped myself up for an appointment with horrendous results. I don't know what "horrendous results" would be - an arm where a leg should be?

Anonymous said...

So, don't leave me hanging here in suspense. Did the baking of the cookies get done? LOL.

And that curly hair is amazing!!!

Tracey said...

The most people head of curls! I love a boy with curls.

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