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Sunday, January 8, 2012

My KIND of day!

I set my alarm.

We were up well before the sun came up.

Two days ago I found out Ben's Bells was holding a special distribution of bells around town to commemorate the anniversary of the January 8th shooting in Tucson.

I was in.

I've painted them, I've talked about them, I've blogged about them, I've found one and taken it home, but I've never distributed them...until today.

We left the little ones with Daddy and the oldest and I headed out.

So I was saying we woke up before the sun came up.

See? So dark! And cold!

When we arrived, there were tables with maps of Tucson. We chose the Northwest 'cuz that's our hood.

Jeannette Mare is Ben's mom. And she is the reason for all this awesomeness.

We received our two bags of bells and we were ready to go.

But we had to stop for donuts a block away. I mean we just had to. You know, for the little ones and Daddy at home. And we saw this mural to inspire our "belling."

We chose our places pretty strategically. We chose parks that we loved.

We chose landmarks with significance.

Gabe chose this tree. He said it was his favorite tree and he used to climb often.

So he climbed it with the bell carefully tucked in his sweater.

And very carefully, he tied it on his favorite tree.

We were done!

While hanging our last bell, a car drove by. The grown man driving rolled down his window and yelled, "Wooooooh! Ben's Bells!!!" And then he kept on driving.

It felt sneaky but in a good way. I just kept thinking about each bell and who would find it. I thought about how much it might mean to someone like mine means to me. And I was honored to pass it on.

Kindness is a wonderful thing.

P.S. I got a question about the cookies I mentioned two posts ago. Yes, I did make the cookies and they were awesome. I think they'll become my new recipe. You can find the recipe here. They're made with less sugar and less butter so they're healthy, right? They better be, because we devoured the entire batch within twenty-four hours. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're healthy.

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