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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting Messy

Things got a little messy around here this week. Christian's new PT had a new idea to facilitate pre-rolling...finger painting!

So we tried it on the left side...

...and, of course, little sister had to try it, too...

...and we tried it on the right...

...and, honestly, he wasn't too psyched about the whole side lying thing.
So we tried it sitting up.

And I think Christian was a little more interested in painting his masterpiece in this position.

And Lola? Well...

...this is about the point I told her not to eat the paint for the seventh time.

She was covered! And needed a bath immediately following the completion of her masterpieces.

The Masterpieces:

I love them all! They are definitely promised a spot on the "art wall" I started when Christian started school.

I got a little messy, too...

I found a really simple recipe for Sugar Donut Muffins. The actual muffin came out a little bland so what's a Momma to do? Got a syringe laying around? I know I have a few.
 Another good use for a syringe?

Um...maybe fill it with some Nutella. Just sayin'. Or strawberry jelly. Whatever. And, well, you can see how the rest of the story went.

I made them Saturday and they were so good I was forced to make them again tonight.

And this stinker got a hair cut today. But after an hour of crying and whining tonight, he finally fell asleep. So, shhhhhh...we won't wake him.

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Hmmmmmm.....I may want to buy the heat or the butterfly at your next blogction.

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