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Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 in Review.

What happened in 2011?

Well, let me tell you...

Wait...what did happen in 2011???

I wanted to play that blog game where I recap every month with the first sentence from every first blog of each month of 2011.

Then I thought - Well, there really isn't that much to report. Maybe I'll just recap in a general summary.

And by 'general summary' I really mean long winded and wordy paragraphs.

Just for kicks I started looking back and, Yowza! A lot happened, to say the least. A lot of good. A lot of triumphs. A lot of happy moments. It was all a blur for a second but I really do want to play the blog game and recap just to show you all how far we've come. (Like I really have to remind you! Okay, maybe I need to remind myself.)

So let's play...

January: The first day of 2011 was like a "non-day." 
Thinking back, the first day of 2011 was the perfect preview to the rest of the year. Plans?! Out the window. 2011 definitely taught us about acceptance and going with the flow.

February: Too much too soon?

Right around the beginning of the year we were trying to figure out the ketogenic diet and weaning of medication all at the same time. Sabril was our last medication and Christian weaned off of it beautifully until we hit the last 2mL's. It took forever to wean him off and since then we've decided not to medicate for seizures. For now.

March: I should never have talked crap about that damn cold and flu monster because he beat down our door with furry ready to take us all!
Christian was hit by a really serious respiratory virus. It was actually the most serious illness he has come down with. Luckily, we haven't seen the likes of anything like that since. Thank God.

April: Coming off of a blog about kindness, this blog may not seem very kind.
Trouble with feeding pumps. I'm happy to say we don't use one anymore unless it's for hydration with Pedialite. Now we use syringes. Syringes aren't all together innocent in their trouble making but at least there is no beep...beep...beeping!

May: Guess what last week was...Easter!
I posted late about Easter. But what I was mostly proud of was that finding Easter basket goodies for Christian came so easily. Enter electric Sponge Bob toothbrush!

June: We had preschool meetings #2 and #3 this week.

We toured special needs programs that would be great for Christian to start school in the fall!

July: dum spiro spero

While I breath, I hope. Christian finally smiled. Best. Gift. Ever.

August: Today is Christian's birthday!
And we got to spend it in Mexico! And, more importantly, on the beach!

September: I noticed lately that Christian has an easier time moving if his upper body is inclined a little.
Christian started moving more and reaching for things more consistently.

October: We visited the GI doctor the other day.
And we all know how that went. We started Christian on the blended diet in 2011 and our (former) GI doctor was not very approving.

November: I was all set to tell everyone about Christian's new chair and how perfect it is for him.
Christian got a new wheelchair this year! He also got a new Special Tomato Chair for home, a swing set for outside, and a new car seat. His new wheel chair is so perfect, we went for our first grocery shopping trip together!

December: Armsy (adj.): The act of moving arms a lot.
Christian has been moving his arms a lot!

Other highlights not captured by the first sentence of the first blog of each months include:

We went blended full time!
A VNS surgery and implant.
We ran our first 5K marathon with MyTeam Triumph!
I was able to attend the most amazing retreat with fellow near drown mommies in Seattle.
Christian started pre-school and we've gained more of Christian back in 2011 then we've had since 2009.

Oh yeah, and did I mention Christian smiled???

And what's to come in the new year?

We have a new Physical Therapist who will be working with Christian at home in addition to the therapies he gets at school. Super Excited about her!

And we've just started working with a new neurologist. There might be some new changes in February.

And that's it.

Seriously. It's both a feeling of uneasiness and excitement not having anything planned. I know there will be more trips to the ocean. More trips to Mexico. More time with friends. More 5K's, hopefully.

It's a whole wide open year for us full of possibility. It's a blank canvas and we're ready to start painting!

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