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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Minty lips, Santa visits, and a Birthday Girl

I put lip gloss on my son. So what?

It's called Tennessee by E.L.F. I bought it for myself because it was a nice, nude gloss and it costs all of $3 at Target. It also said it was a "Minty Lip Gloss" on the side of the tube. Fun.

Well, I used it and realized it made my lips all tingly and funny feeling. They felt all minty and cool and then later left a sweet taste. As soon as this happened, I decided Christian needed to benefit from all of this fun and minty-ness. On it went!

"Seriously, Mom?"

Not only is the gloss great for moisturizing Christian's beautiful, fluffy lips (they are always dry!), but it leaves a sensation over his lips that makes him aware that he even has lips on his face. And it leaves a sweet taste over his lips so he gets that benefit, too. When I put it on him, he moves his lips around a little. If you look closely at the picture above, you can see that his mouth is slightly closed, rather than gaping open, which is usually the norm. We like this, Christian. We want more of this, Christian. Take note.

Tennessee looks good on you, Christian.

Santa Clause is coming came to town!
Today was Christian's last day of the school year before winter break. So today he got to meet Santa! I didn't realize Santa would be coming, otherwise I would have brought some type of camera, but as soon as I found out Santa was coming to visit, I didn't want to deprive Lola of her share of Santa induced intrigue-terror so we stayed.

I'm glad we stayed. Christian opened his hand to feel Santa's furry cuffs on his coat. Lola would not move from my lap, though. She was content in admiring Santa from across the circle and permanently affixed to me.

It was really neat to see another little girl in the class brighten up when Santa came. I think she may be autistic and I've often seen her off on her own, alone. When Santa came, she smiled, looked up at him, and opened Santa's hand to give him a ring of bells. It was so cool to watch that connection happen for her with just a visit from Santa Claus. 'Tis the magic of the season, right?

We were sad we won't see Christian's crew at school but we'll be back in January ready to learn! Recently, I've been reading about big things happening for Christian's friends attending school and I have to mention that school is like a therapy all of its own. It brings out another side of these kids that otherwise might have remained dormant. I completely underestimated the value of peers and social interaction with Christian. I'm so grateful Christian gets a chance at this and I've already witnessed the blossoming that has occurred in just these first few months just from going to school.

A little about Lola:

It was little sister's second birthday today. The last two years have gone by so fast and she's becoming this little sassy, stubborn, loving, girly person. She has opinions and words. She loves and screams and dances to everything. All of these things, typical of any two year old, are things I hold extremely dear. After having a non-verbal child who is unable to express himself to the fullest extent, having a child who is doing these things on an hourly basis becomes borderline genius.

Besides abilities, watching Lola interact with Christian is genius. She has no pretenses or expectations. She just does what she knows and all she knows is how Christian is right here and right now and that's her brother. But she's gentle with him. I mean, of course, there are times when she pokes him in the eye or tries to feed him lotion or a drink of water. But she rubs his head and climbs all over his chair. She picks up his hands and helps him play. She asks where he is when he's at school. This is what she knows and it humbles and astounds me that I get the privilege of raising this little human that will go out into the world with more compassion and understanding because that is what she knows.

She was a birthday girl today.

And I have to accept she's becoming a little girl, further and further away from babyhood.

I also have to accept that in any picture taken of Lola, there will always be blurriness. It's just the law.

Happy Birthday, Baby Princess Girl!

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