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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Push me again!

If you think Christmas came early in the stores this year, Christmas came really early for Christian. Think October.

I mentioned a few weeks back that new equipment was in for Christian. Well, we were surprised with Christian's new wheels, his new seating system for the house, his car seat, and his swing set all in the same week! Merry Christmas! That's all you're getting, Christian. Just kidding.

This is Christian's new Special Tomato Seating System.
I thought it was pretty "special."

Christian trying out his new chair and tray with his OT.
It's also approved to use as a car seat. Cool, right?

Enjoying his blueberry breakfast smoothie.

The set up.

We also got a pretty heavy duty swing set. This swing is called a Jennswing and made especially for children with special needs. Swinging and swaying can be very calming to the brain injured child. So we were so excited when we found out it was approved. Daddy set it up on our patio under the shade so Christian could enjoy it more often.

We're still working out positioning.

And we were thrilled to find out it came with another swing for little sister!

She's pretty happy about it, too.

Technically it came with a big kid swing so we're saving that until she's older. We replaced the swing with one more her size from another set we have so she can swing right next to brother.

Again...pretty happy about that.

We also got a car seat but I'm not crazy about it so I'm not sure we'll keep it.

Overall, though, I'm so grateful all this stuff was approved for Christian. The state of Arizona has been kind to us so far, as it was the state who ended up authorizing everything 100%, no matter what our primary insurance kicked in. To be fair, we hadn't ordered anything in over a year so I'd say he was due some new equipment. But I'm still grateful that with budget cuts, insurance and health care debates, and our system in constant change, Christian was still able to get what he needed to make his life just a little more comfortable.

And what does Christian think of the swing? Well, he wasn't exactly digging it at first. But the day these pictures were taken (yesterday) he changed his tune. In fact, every time the swing stopped, he vocalized and got a little whiny. Then I'd push him again and he'd get quiet. I would get distracted chasing Lola around the yard, his swing would stop, and he'd start whining again. I'd push him and he was quiet. Push, swing, stop, whine, repeat. Quite the little three year old I've got - "Push me again! Push me again!" Only in Christian's language.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he likes it.

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Meredith said...

So awesome!! I love that Christian and Lola can swing together!

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