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Friday, October 14, 2011


Dynasplint paid us a visit a couple weeks ago and delivered some pretty heavy duty leg contraptions.

So let's play "How Much Can I Tease Christian About His New Braces."

And begin.

"My new robot legs! I wonder if they come with remote control."

Meet the newest Transformer - Chris-septicon!

"Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!"

You can stop now, Mom. - Christian
But I have one more! - Mom

"Run, Forest, Run!"

"Seriously, Mom? Stop. Now."

(Love this picture because he kept looking over at the lights on the camera every time it would flash. Pay no attention to the peaches I forgot to wipe of his mouth before taking this picture.)

But, seriously, I considered Dynasplints because they're a heavy duty splint. Anytime Christian ever feels pain, irritability, anything unpleasant, or sometimes just because, he goes into extension. His legs straighten out in front of him and his toes point. His legs are even starting to turn out and hyperextend a little at the knee. So a heavy duty splint was in order.

The splint keeps his leg bent a little at all times. Because Christian's resting position with his legs is extended, the splint just gives him that constant stretch and relaxation in his knee. They don't allow him to extend all the way when he has them on. And he doesn't fight the brace. When Christian has the right amount of input and relaxation, he goes with it.

We've worked with them before, long, long ago when he was accidentally ordered elbow braces to straighten his elbows. He never needed this because he's not really locked up in his arms and has pretty good range but we would put them on anyway. It was almost like it gave him pressure in his arms and when we took them off he was a lot more aware of his arms being a part of his body.

The good thing is that even though these look like a torture device of cruel and unusual punishment, they're actually quite comfy. Christian doesn't seem to mind them at all and inside they're lined with foam padding and furry Sherpa-like material. So they're pretty plush.

We have a wrist brace on order that will help him with his right wrist, which tends to drop. Again, we need the stretch for him and a little wrist support will help him use his wrist in a more functional way.

I already like the brace. I'm not a brace nazi, though, which means I don't insist he keep any brace on if he's upset. As with any brace, if he cries at all, those are the first to go. He has enough things during the day that make him upset, I don't need to add one more.

So Dynasplint is here and we have these awesome braces, of which have already made a difference in the tone of his legs. So far some mild success. And we like success.

(Domo, domo!)

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Jen said...

I love the picture above where you wrote Run, Forest, Run! He looks like he is saying, "One more picture and I might just smack you one!" He is so adorable! I hope the splints work out awesome for you guys ;o)

I also hope you are having the best time in Seattle. I hope you come back invigorated and full of UMPH! Is that right? Did I write that right ;o)

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