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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I dare you.

I noticed lately that Christian has an easier time moving if his upper body is inclined a little. In fact, he moves A LOT more.

So the other day I put him on the floor with a large couch pillow under his upper body. I positioned him straight, not tilted or turned either way. And I put a scary dinosaur next to his left on Lola's "seat," otherwise known as the box of diapers that haven't been put away yet.

And this is how I found him.

"Well, hey there, Mr. Dinosaur!"

"Stop taunting me!"

I looked away and payed attention to Lola for something and when I looked back I saw this...

"I'll get you Mr. Dinosaur!"

He lifted his arm up over the box to reach for that dinosaur. He did it all on his own. Swear.

"I don't care if I have to eat this box, I'll get you as soon as I can get my arm to cooperate!"

He didn't get that dinosaur that time. But he certainly did try.

"Watch your back, Mr. Dinosaur. Next time, it's on!"

"We'll meet again, Mr. Dinosaur."

There was a time when Christian didn't move at all. He was just still.
I wondered when he would start moving. He hung out on the couch a lot with us, laying down on his side. I dared him to roll off.
Then he started to move his arms and reach for things. He even reached for his little sister. But then he took a very long break from that. And we didn't see that again for a while. Christian wasn't feeling all that great so all his energy went to other things, I believe.
But then he started moving again. Especially in his sleep. He stretches up above his head and yawns, he lifts his head and moves it from side to side, and now we finally really have to watch him when he's laying on the couch. In his sleep he's even rolled from side to back to side. Let's just say he called my bluff with that whole dare idea and he has rolled himself right off the side of the couch. While I was happy he was moving enough to roll off the couch, he was not happy about the idea at all. Good thing we have carpet and pillows.
You know who really gets him going? Lola. Mostly because I'm pretty sure he wants to punch her.

These are pictures a few days after surgery.

Lola and her patient.

"Let me take a look inside, Christian." - Lola
"Stooooop, Lola!" - Christian

Trying to get Lola. Christian is going to have to hurry up because Lola is just too quick. And I love how in each of these pictures my kids are too fast for the camera. With Lola it's a given. With Christian, the fact that an arm or a movement is so quick it becomes a blur makes my heart pitter patter.

But wait...this takes the cake.

Remember the incline? There's the couch cushion. And this is how I found Christian. He went from laying flat on the incline and twisted and turned and arched himself right over. He wasn't uncomfortable. In fact, he rather enjoyed this Gumby position. I couldn't let him stay like that, though. We are not Gumby, Christian.

Quite content with the position he's gotten himself in.

Okay, Christian, no more daring you to roll off the couch. I believe you, you can do it. But if you want to roll around on the floor, you have my permission. In fact, I dare you to do that.


ferfischer said...

I'm impressed! And I just love that Lola. (and I laughed out loud at the Gumby comment)

Jd said...

This is so awesome. What an incredible little worm he's become. So happy to see that he's trying to catch up to his sister. I truly feel as though she's going to be a huge motivator for him. The love and bond between the two of them will do wonders for them both. XOXO

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