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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spinning Top

We ended the first week of school for Christian by calling in sick. Yup. Christian has a little fever. [Dislike]

I was a little bummed. It was supposed to be the first day he was staying without Mommy like a big boy. He must've known. In fact, I think he may have done it on purpose so he didn't have to go by himself. Well, it worked, Christian!

Christian attends school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. So Tuesday was our last day attending school and Christian actually surprised me. Shocking, I know.

We were sitting on the floor and Christian was sitting in one of his favorite positions - on my lap facing forward with his legs bent over my folded legs underneath him. When he's sitting like this and he's in an okay mood, he'll pretty much let you do anything to him. He loves attention!

As we're sitting on the floor, his teacher was tinkering around with a toy in front of Christian. It was a spinning top - the kind of spinning top where you push the lever and it spins faster and faster. It was about the size of a nerf football, maybe a little smaller, and it was silver, blue, and green.

I have to admit that I dismissed the toy. It was too small, too bland, didn't make loud noises, didn't vibrate, it wasn't close enough, waste of time. That was until the teacher moved it to the right on the floor in front of Christian and he moved his head to follow it (very rare for Christian). She moved it again and he followed it. She moved it close, she moved it further away, and he couldn't get enough. He tracked with his eyes, with his head, and he even closed his hand around the handle several times and then let go several times.

This went on for twenty minutes. Twenty. Whole. Minutes. that Christian paid attention to something.

Now Christian's vision therapist has offered toys and gadgets that vibrate, light up, pop beads, make loud noises, toys that cost $150 because they have a "special needs" label on them. Christian has entertained these toys every once in a while, probably just to please us.

But all it took was a spinning top.

It's proof to everyone - even to me - that these children, my child, should NEVER be underestimated.


tesyaa said...

I am sure Christian's therapists are amazing, but one of the best things about starting school is that he'll be exposed to even more amazing educators (including assistant teachers). The more people in your kid's life, the better (within reason) ... you never know who or what will help your kid reach his potential!

ferfischer said...

This is awesome! Sometimes I'm amazed at some of the things the school comes up with - and how they work so well!

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