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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pineapples Are So Delicious!

Since we're getting back to eating yummy stuff, I wanted to share some fun we had with a pineapple wedge.

Now, I warn you, this video is a little over three whole minutes long. This is three long minutes of a child trying to learn how to put a pineapple into his mouth. I realize that to some this might be small potatoes. This might be downright boring. But to me, it's genius!
(Apologies in advance for my obnoxious narration and insistence that "pineapple is so delicious.")

So who really lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Three Reasons Why This Is Cool:

1. Christian is really into the whole exercise. He's really trying to figure out how to get the pineapple into his mouth. It takes a lot of work and coordination for his hand to reach his mouth but the interest is there.

2. With a little elbow support, Christian can show just how interested he is in moving that arm in a functional way. 

3. How cool is it that Christian has such an excited OT? Can you hear her in the background? She's just as excited as I am and she's a big cheerleader for Christian. We are lucky to have her!


ferfischer said...

Holy smokes!!!! I can truly appreciate this! He's doing really great, and you're right, he seems to be really into it - that's impressive! Also, WHEN did he turn from a baby into a little boy???? Goodness!

Kim said...

Best day EVER!!!!!!!!

HesterFamily said...

That is AWESOME!!!!! And this is just the beginning of the yummy things you'll get to taste! Food is a great motivator for me too :) Go Superman!!

Anonymous said...


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