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Monday, May 23, 2011

VNS Update

Last Wednesday, we met with a doctor who knows a lot about VNS implants. Probably more than anyone in our whole state. I like him because he walks around with a button pinned to his lab coat that looks like this:

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We found out that getting a VNS implant is actually an outpatient procedure and that is really good news. The only real side effect is risk of infection with it being a surgical procedure. There has been some concern from Christian's local neurologist about him being so young. But the VNS doctor assured me the procedure has been done many times in small children, even in children as young as six months old.

I asked him how we get the ball rolling, he told me I had to say I want to do it. So I said I want to do it. And that was that. They had to check on insurance stuff and which surgeon was covered and which hospital we would go to for the procedure. I thought for sure it would take a week, maybe even two. But, guess what...I got a call the next day with an appointment for a surgical consult. Efficiency is great thing.

Next up...surgical consult in June.


Jen said...

That sounds awesome. There's nothing like deciding you want to do something, and then something getting done. How simple it can be sometimes ;o)

Caroline said...

I'd like that doctor too!! Anyone who wears that particular button is OK in my book!

I'm glad you've got this going on for you!!

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