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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Is Today, Okay?

Guess what last week was...Easter! And guess who's a week late posting about our Easter Sunday...THIS GIRL! So let's all pretend it's Easter Sunday just for a second.

Growing up, Easter was always a fun day for my sister and I. We would wake up in the morning to see what the Easter bunny left us. The "Easter Bunny" was always particularly creative with our baskets, which were never really baskets at all. One year we found our plastic green grass and chocolate eggs inside of Easter purses. One year we found our goodies in new upside down umbrellas, opened on the floor, cradling chocolates and more plastic grass. One year it was a wicker Easter laundry basket that housed our chocolates. And all of those really innovative ideas from the "Easter Bunny" carried over and I have adopted it as a favorite things type of event for my family. Even Daddy gets an Easter basket.

So looking back on last year's Easter, I strove to be creative in my delivery in my job as Easter Bunny. But I have to admit there was a sadness as I wandered through Target to find something for Christian. It was his first Easter after the accident and I was standing in the infant isle thinking...another sensory toy for Christian? Isn't there anything else? And I was kind of sad about it.

But this year, I went from What do I do? to Let's do this! The ideas came flooding and this Mama did the Easter Bunny quite proud, if I do say so myself.

So this is Christian's basket. And while I wasn't innovative enough to find an great alternative to a basket, I settled for a bucket and found some really useful things to put inside.

Christian enjoyed his new Easter bunny and alligator. And both of these, might I add, are sensory toys, too. Christian really likes soft, plush things like the bunny and the alligator is rubbery and filled with a sand like substance he can squeeze.

This is what was in his Easter bucket (ignore the wrinkly bed sheet):
- a blue bunny
- an Elmo dish for food for tasting
- a flashlight bubble maker
 - an electric Thomas the Tank Engine toothbrush
 - the aforementioned sandy alligator
 - a bright red Elmo storybook
 - Sour Warhead Sour Spray for waking up those taste buds.

All this time I've been brushing his teeth and then using a vibrating toy to stimulate his mouth muscles. Ummm, two birds + one stone = AN ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH!

These are all little things that I...em, er....the Easter Bunny left in Christian's Easter bucket. They're little things that double as big things when it comes to Christian.

Did I mention that we died Easter eggs?

Lola took the whole event very seriously.

Christian's hand shot open when it hit the die.

And he made a yellow egg.

Easter fun was had by all.

Good job, Easter Bunny.

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