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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Finding time to blog these days has been challenging. Between work, sticky little fingers itching for the keyboard, and Christian's constantly changing regimen, it's been hard trying to come up for air.

And those sticky fingers belong to Lola if you didn't catch that. She's a feisty one and loves to bang away at the keyboard. Maybe she can guest blog for me next time!

After a handful (or three) of Sourpatch Kids, I'm ready to come up for some air!

We've got preschool on the brain! We had our transition meeting last week and it was actually really basic. We ended up meeting at the same elementary school Gabe went to. The special needs preschool teacher was very sweet and looked and spoke like she was freshly cut from the preschool teacher cloth. (That's a good thing, by the way).

Both the coordinator and the teacher explained that the first appointment was really more for intake and introduction but at the end of May we'll have a meeting there again with the OT and PT. They'll play with Christian and get to know him and then recommend which program he should be in. There are different programs according to need and after meeting with the therapists and then touring each program in action, we'll decide where Christian will go.

The coordinator and teacher answered every question and concern and reassured me that parents are welcome to join the class at any time. Music to my ears!

I'm excited about this prospect because Christian will be engaged with different "stations" that include OT, PT, activities, etc., so he'll get different stimulation all day. This is also something that would be considered "normal" for most three years olds. It's a "normal" life event. It's an experience he gets to have, and I get to have, for that matter. I'm looking so forward to this.

I'm looking forward to art projects and hand print artwork on the fridge. Christian will have opportunities to learn to communicate and we will have the opportunity to learn to communicate with him. Did I mention he's been a lot more vocal lately? He's definitely trying to communicate something, we just have learn what.

My biggest concern, however, is health. I don't know if I've mentioned this but the Keto diet is known to weaken the immune system. Case in point: Two back to back illnesses in the last three months where there were none to be found prior...ever. This is a concern for me, as you can imagine.

So with preschool on the horizon, Christian, I'm sure, will be super excited. And, P.S., he had a hearing test and passed. Not surprised, honestly. Anytime there is a loud noise the boy practically jumps out of his seat. But I'm always happy to receive any good and "normal" news about my boy.

So much more to update about, but I'm pushing the Sour Patch Kids aside for the night to get some sleep. Until next time!


Meredith said...

That sounds really great about Christian's preschool! It has been a hard winter on you guys with illnesses and I hope that the spring and summer are much better in this regard. With a bunch of Easter candy to choose from, my go-to snack has been lemon gummi bears. Sourpatch kids sound awesome too! It'll be fun to see what Miss Lola enjoys in the future.

Jen said...

Sounds exciting for Christian!

I hope you are able to come up for more and more air soon!!

Sour Patch Kids....YUM!! My favorite are Shock Tarts ;o) But then I are they....Sour Skittles?? No...wait...they gross, the only name that comes to mind is what my girlfriends and I were calling them when we couldn't remember the name, gross...tiny balls of sour goodness. Yuck!! I can't believe I just wrote that, but they are!!! Have you ever had them?

Okay, seriously, I can't remember, but when I do...I am writing you!

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