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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finding Christian

Christian cries. I've mentioned this before a time or two.

He cries when he's comfortable, he cries when he's tired, he cries when he wants to be held.

He cries when he's sick.

And he's a little sicky right now. He had a small cold, stuffy snuffaluffogus nose, and...another molar!

But Christian doesn't know how to tell us he's hurt or sick. So he cries. And sometimes it's a lot. It's emotionally draining plus sleepless nights with a few come-to-Jesus moments that equal two very exhausted parents. 

At the end of the day we are grateful for his crying because it's one of his only modes of communication.

Another mode of communication? Silence.

When he's crying, about 99% of the time we can calm him by holding him. He loves being held and anyone who knows Christian knows he's a snuggler. And he's quiet when he's held. Aside from the suckling sound he makes every few minutes, he's silent. It communicates to us that he feels safe, he feels better, and maybe that molar doesn't hurt so much when Mommy and Daddy are here.

Christian's communication is far from traditional at this point. But right now we look for the small things to find him inside of that little boy. He responds to touch, and being held, and patting his back, and when I scratch his head with my nails, his eyes slightly close like he's falling asleep as if to say - Keep going, Mama.

So he talks to us. We just have to pay attention. We have to find him.

Speaking of finding ways to communicate with Christian, I am so excited about next week! We have our appointment with the school district's special needs coordinator to talk about enrolling Christian in preschool! When Christian is three, he qualifies for preschool. And from what his PT said, the school we've chosen is going to be great! PT and OT all day AND ways to find ways for Christian to communicate!

As I end this blog post I feel a puddle of drool on my arm from my Christian bear and I hear silence.

I think he's communicating to me that he's asleep.

I took a picture today after bath time and it reminded me of a picture we had of Chrisitan at four months old.

He's still my gorgeous baby.


HesterFamily said...

I feel you momma! There is nothing like the frustration that comes from not being able to communicate with your baby. Or rather with them trying to commmunicate with you and you not being able to get it. It breaks my heart every time! And yay for preschool!! I was wondering if you all would be turned over to the schools at 3 as we were. It has been a hard transition for us - it has taken months and we've lost some services in the interim because they just waited too late to get the ball rolling, and I feel like we've met EVERY person in the school system, but I'm super excited about preschool in the fall. And we won't have to pay for it!! :) Hope your meetings go well!

Sarah said...

Hello - I found your blog through CiCi's blog, I love to read about your little guy!

As communication goes, I LOVE the idea of non-verbal kiddos talking / sharing ideas. I have a kiddo in my classroom currently that is non-verbal he is working with a PODD (pod) book that helps him to communication. Its a picture book that helps students communicate (they have LOTS of forms) Might be something that you ask your school district about!! Its pretty neat to see in action!!

anywho....GOOD LUCK with your MGT! I hope that it goes well!
Sarah Hetrick

Kim said...

Wait.....what about those little grunts he gives me when he is happy with the activity that we are doing....the bean tray, the sand box, and the yogurt! Those are the sounds I like to hear him make!

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