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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Save Us, Mary Poppins!

You know that cold and flu monster I keep going on about? Well, I finally kicked him out and I'm hoping we've seen the last of him. He didn't leave without a fight and ended up shoving me around a little before he left.

I've finally caught the sickies and right this moment I'm hoping Lola will go down for an early nap so I can rest. Or maybe Mary Poppins will float down into my living room and take care of everything with her spoonful of sugar. Whatever comes first.

And the kids?

Lola is feeling better. A 6AM wake up time tells me so. (Seriously, Lola? It's still dark outside!)

I'm pleased to say Christian is doing a lot better. Last I wrote, we made a trip to the ER with not much but an explanation of what he didn't have. Don't get me wrong. I'm thankful for what he didn't have.

We visited his regular pediatrician the next day and, in retrospect, if we had visited him in the very first place, we could have skipped the ER trip all together.

Christian was having a hard time keeping those oxygen levels up and was hovering around 85-91. Normal range is 90-100. He didn't sound like he had fluid in his chest, but there was a wheeze and he was pushing hard on the exhale. It also turned out that on top of everything he developed a double ear infection.

So the pediatrician prescribed Christian an antibiotic for the ears and his very first nebulizer treatment. That helped open up his airways and stabilized his oxygen levels.

Within a few days he was alert again, no longer lethargic and in and out of sleep. Christian is still on continuous feeds, but over the next day or two, I'm hoping to work him back to our normal feeding schedule.

Both kids are still occasionally coughing and sputtering, but they're doing much better and for that I am exhaling a great, big sigh of relief.

Wait...I think I hear ol' Mary on the roof.

Nope, just the wind. Darn.

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Jillian said...

New poster here. :) Don't feel bad for the trip to the ER! It is always better to be safe than sorry. This bug is turning into pneumonia pretty quickly for a lot of kids.

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