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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm a little late in claiming my Irish luck, but that doesn't mean there wasn't luck to be found.

"No pictures after nap time!"
                                                "Absolutely not, Mom!"

Look over here, Christian!

Smile, Lola!

I'll take it.

So maybe we weren't so lucky in getting smiling, sitting still children in their St. Paddy's Day garb right after nap time.


Christian sits in front of the back sliding door every day so he can look at the light contrast with the vertical blinds. We were lucky enough to get this picture, which I love, because he looks surrounded in light.

We found some more luck when we found the coolest St. Paddy's Day shirt to date.

Lola was lucky enough to find her own personal hiding space...right in the undercarriage of big brother's chair.


And Christian is finding some luck in learning how to close that mouth of his!

We are a lucky bunch.

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Jen said...

SOOOOO cute! I love the one titled 'Smile, Lola!' They are so lucky to have each other. As you said, you are so lucky to have each other ;o)

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