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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reading Train

After a puzzle of a month, the calm that has settled back into Christian is like a collective exhale in this house. Calm never felt so nice.

Wanna see a two year old who looks like a five year old??? Refer below...

But, that there is a closing mouth...with bubbles.

We like story time. I love when these little activities happen unplanned (hence, the pajamas and the make-up-less-ness). Lola loves books and Christian seems to pay a little extra attention to a good story book, so we made a little reading train where everyone could participate.

And now that there's calm, there is music.

A while back I purchased some CD's with classical music arrangements meant to stimulate the right and left hemispheres of the brain. They're called Metamusic by Hemi-Sync. There have been recent studies about the music's positive effect on the brain and Christian seems to like it. He brought his own hands mid line to play with his tangle toy while listening. Don't know if it's related but it makes him happy and that's good. 

And for good measure, we also got surf sounds for extra relaxation. We like to fantasize we're back at the beach in Mexico....collective sigh....ahhhhhh.

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