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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finally Calm


Story of our lives over here. But they've been all nice...good...calming changes.

This is what the last four weeks have been like:

crying-whining-drooling-moaning-monster molar-eruption blister-crying-sleep out the window-ear infection-amoxicillan-still crying-med free-not med free-still up at night, what's sleep again?-rash and hives probably from amoxicillan-goose egg on forehead-is there really any more???

And I'm happy to report, I think we're finally getting off this roller coaster of health mishaps. We're getting sleep back again! Yes, I said it! There is sleep again in this house, hand to God! Melatonin has really helped deepen Christian's sleep so he has a more sound sleep. And guess what...the kid likes to sleep on his belly now. All of the sudden. I don't know where that came from but he actually prefers it. In fact, he'll get downright pissy if we don't put him on his belly and pat his back to go to bed. Whatever works, right?

Yes, he had a rash. A few days after he finished his antibiotic, he started getting what I call "speckly." Christian usually has very sensitive skin and anything makes it red or imprinted. But this was different. I brought him in bed with me one morning to snuggle and when I lifted the covers he was covered in raised welts. Ahhhh! That's what I said! But as soon as his skin cooled, they went away. Confusing much? I'm about 90% sure it was a reaction to the Amoxicillan and he's allergic. The same thing happened to Gabe when he was little. Anyway, no rash anymore and that's a good thing.

Christian was also fitted for new boots! Yes, we just got some a few months ago but they just weren't supporting him enough and giving him the stretch he needs. So we had to chuck the old ones and get fitted for some new ones with the help of Miss Barb, his PT. He was so mad, I think he tried to smack her and she can attest to that. I've never seen him so incensed! He turned toward her and started waving his right arm and reaching as if to bat at her. Gabe even agreed he had never seen Christian so upset. But we got what we needed and we'll have new boots soon.

We're also working on some funny stuff in OT.

If you look closely, you'll see kenesio tape around Christian's mouth. It helps him understand he has a mouth and he can use it. Because Christian doesn't have a lot of tone in his mouth area, his mouth hangs open. So we started taping around his mouth with special tape that gives him input. This works with feeding by mouth. We're able to give him a syringe with water and he can feel the syring with both lips so that hopefully, he will learn to suck using those mouth muscles. I think he looks like a duck.

I don't know if you can see a difference but recently Christian has gained a little more tone in his mouth and now holds his jaw a little more closed so it's not just hanging anymore. The taping helps with this.

Kissy lips!

Things are finally calm. I know. Don't say it. That's when it goes haywire. But I'm enjoying the calm. I was enjoying the sleep until Lola decided her new wake up time is before the sun comes up. Nice.

Cheers to calm, even if it only lasts for a little bit.


Alicia said...

Don't kill me, but I thought he looked a bit like Homer Simpson with the kenesio tape around his mouth. Only in the absolute cutest way though! ;-0

I am glad things seem to be falling into place. I know you all have had a rough time of it lately.

On a final note, those are about the most smoochable little lips I have ever seen!

God bless you and your wonderful family. Love and hugs....

ShaunaQ said...

Ha! I see it. A cute Homer.

Anonymous said...


Cici's mom turned me onto your blog right when it first started and I've been a faithful reader ever since! :-) Anyway, just wanted to let you know that my daughter also gets the rash you mentioned, right after a particularly bad infection/fever bout. There's some word for it that starts with a d and it's definitely nothing to worry about if it happens again. One ped told me it's a weird way of the body letting go of the infection...or something.

On another note, yay for sleep!!!

All the best,

Deana said...

What a clever idea to use the tape around the mouth!

Glad that tooth finally broke through and you are all starting to get some sleep!

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