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Monday, January 31, 2011

Monster Molar Attacks!

Remember that monster molar?

It's a doozy, that monster molar.

When I first discovered the infamous molar, after days (and nights) of inconsolable crying and drool-soaked shirts, I could feel the sharp budding of a new tooth through soft, fleshy, swollen skin.

We found it! We found the source of all those sleepless nights! Now what?

Well, there was Tylenol and gum massages and baby Orajel.

But here we are a few days later and, although things were not quite as bad as last week, Christian was still not a happy guy. He was still, sadly, in pain.

As I tried to rub some Orajel on the swollen little lump in the back of his mouth, it felt different - round and bubble-like. Not good.

I tried my best to pry his mouth open - he's not partial to anybody messing with his mouth and you could have fooled me the way he hangs it open all the time - but I finally got a glimpse. It not only felt like a bubble, it was a bubble. (Gasp! - What the hell is that?!?!)

I immediately thought it was some sort of abscess. Of course it would be. No new tooth has shown its face in that mouth for quite a while so of course the first one to try in a long time would have trouble.

I called the doctor and the doctor said, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

Just kidding. But as I started that sentence I thought about that story so I thought I'd share my mind's ramblings.

Anyway, we went to Christian's pediatrician who took a look and said that it was not an abscess but was going  in his books as the biggest eruption blister he'd ever seen. The biggest! And the cure? His sharp little molar has to push through and break the blister. Geez! As if Christian doesn't have enough to deal with.

Oh, that's not the end of the good news. I asked the doctor to take a look at his ears, because ears are very often the silent culprit of infection and just to be on the safe side. Sure enough, his left ear has a little infection on the very same side as his monster molar. Poor kid. All that pressure and pain on the same side! He just can't get a break!

Some more Tylenol and an antibiotic later, Christian finally drifted off to dreamland where I'm certain it's easier and less painful.

You know, secretly (or not so secretly) I'm glad it's only an ear infection/monster molar lava eruption. This is peanuts compared to more serious things that would be harder on Christian and even life threatening. We had our prescription filled by the fine people at Target Pharmacy, we've got plenty of Tylenol and Orajel, so we're set to kick this minor blip in our current journey to rock stardom.

As soon as we are over this, we'll get back to working on some more of this...

(Don't look if you're scared of drool! And I took these pictures while helping Christian sit on his own. No easy task and not great pictures in full frame. Enjoy the droolyness!)


That's called tripod sitting, Peeps. It's a first around here for us! And for a few seconds we've even tried it out without Mommy helping!

Go away Monster Molar/Ear Infection! We've got work to do!


Deana said...

Great sitting up!! Max has started trying to sit up more on his own, it always takes me by surprise! Hope that monster tooth breaks through soon!

HesterFamily said...

Hopefully some good drugs and rest will get him feeling better - and hopefully you've both caught up on some sleep!!

And OMG - look at that boy sitting!!! I see Lola is super proud as well! He never ceases to amaze me! Way to go Christian!

WhitneyBooze said...

awesome sitting!! Way to go Christian.
How about switching that Tylenol to (advil)ibuprofan?
We never get pain relief with tylenol... but advil always helps me and my girls.
Just a thought.....

Hugs, Whitney

Que said...

I found your blog from Safe Haven. In case your are interested - you might try HYLANDS teething remedy. It is homeopathic, so there aren't any contraindications with his other meds. They even have one for ear aches. Homeopathic is a whole nother realm of healing.

The Byrds said...

We are going through the exact same thing with our son (CP/seizure disorder, etc.). We couldn't understand why he was soooo fussy. Until we found the horribly swollen gum. Poor little guys!

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