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Friday, January 7, 2011

Little Soldiers

I was all set to complain to you guys again about jerks and keto stuff and I was all ready to talk about seizures for the 75th time.

I was also all kind of blah about writing tonight, not having anything fun and exciting to say, and then I read Owen's blog! He is the little soldier I got all crafty for. Well, even though he wasn't feeling great, he gagged for the first time in a long time! That's really great for his progress because I don't know if you guys remember how big of a deal it was for Christian to have a cough and gag reflex.

Reading about Owen made me think about what strong kids we have so I want to give a shout out to the O Man! His family is also settling into their new normal and it just made me smile to read about Owen's little sister crawling all over him. I can relate just a little.

Look! It's Baby Owen playing with his sensory board!

And here's a picture of Christian playing with his sensory board from Cici's Mommy. And Lola is "helping."

Lola crawling all over Christian.
She crawls on top of him and if she catches me staring her down, she immediately lays her face against him and goes, "Awwwwe," to show me she's being "gentle." But she will eventually get a poke or a pull in at some point.

God bless our little soldiers.

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Reece said...

OHH that is soooo cute what Lola does!! How adorable!!!

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