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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hope Springs Eternal

It's been a rough week in our community. Tucson is grieving. I know a little bit about that subject. See, first shock sets in. We couldn't believe it was our city. Couldn't believe it was our street. Our neighbor. Our Congresswoman. And now there is sadness.

Tragedy is sad. There were lives lost that day, a judge, a little girl. But tragedy also gives birth to miracles. Gabby Giffords is doing amazingly well and her recovery has been a miracle.

I am particularly proud of my community. My hometown of Tucson, Arizona. The people of this community have lifted the victims and their families in prayer, gathered at the memorials left by thousands, and wished for peace and healing.

The kids and I visited one of the memorials. The memorial at Safeway, the location of the shooting.

What was a week ago a crime scene is now a memorial. There are candles and handwritten notes lining the sidewalk. It was quiet there and reflective. People came to pray and cry. It's very sobering to stand in a place where lives were taken. There were people streaming in and out of the Safeway going about their shopping business but it was still quiet as if nobody knew when it would be okay to talk again. There is a heaviness in that Safeway parking lot. It's an uncomfortable heaviness that lives were ended. Young lives. And I can't shake the heaviness. I think the heaviness I'm having a hard time shaking is the realization that this life we have is incredibly fragile and very temporary. As if I didn't know already, right?

I am sad but I am proud. This is our home. I'm proud of this home.

Know what else I'm proud of?

I know, I know, I've already told you guys about Ben's Bells. But they're just really cool and what they've done is really positiveand spreading kindness has never been more needed than right this very moment.
See for yourself.

And know what's even cooler? Kindness is spreading! No, really, kindness is spreading to Denver, Colorado this summer. My dear friend Jenny and her gang are going to spread Ben's Bells kindness like nobody's business. Be still my heart, I just cannot wait!

Know what else I'm proud guessed it!

This Guy!

My Chrissy-Pooh.
(Guess he's decided to finally start working on closing his mouth! We're getting there!)

Yes, life is terribly fragile. So appreciate it. Hold it. Love it in all of it's forms.

Hope Springs Eternal.

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