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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hello World

For Christmas Gabe got me the new Lady Antebellum CD and it has my current favorite song on it, Hello World.

I listened to the song about 25 times this morning and then decided to look up the video.

I'm not going to pull it apart or analyze it or explain why I love the song so much because it really explains itself.

But the video literally took all the breath out of me.

I won't even get into why or how or what it all means because I'll ruin it. So see for yourself.

P.S. I really love this song right now, did I mention that?


Gabriella said...

Oh wow Shauna! I'm in tears.

HesterFamily said...

Wowza! And I got this CD too and haven't had a chance to listen to it - but I suspect it will be on repeat tomorrow! :)

GnJand Hailey said...

OMG....I am ballling...beautiful!!

Jen said...

Hi Shauna~

I stumbled upon your blog, and could not stop reading. So many times, I felt I was reading my very own blog.

In June of 2009, our then 2 1/2 year old daughter was being carried across the street by her grandfather and were struck by a car. She landed on her head, and was in the hospital for 3 months. When she came home she was unable to walk, talk, or eat by mouth.

So vibrant, and healthy one moment, and then not! I know~you know. I am so very sorry for what happened to your beautiful Christian. I am sorry for all your family has endured, and continue to.

I too, LOVE Lady A, and the first time I heard Hello World, I was rendered speechless.

Please know that I will keep you close in thought and prayer.



Peg said...

Oh Shauna! I just got home from San Diego and checked your blog and I am crying. That is one POWERFUL song. Thanks.
love you all, peg

Reece said...

wow. I bet you were floored when you saw this......Hope is a great thing. My pastor told me that the true meaning of Christmas is Hope. And that hope is NOT wishful thinking, it is the confident expectation in Gods ability to overcome anything in your life or your world. Amen.

Jendioguardi said...

Me too Shauan. And I really needed this today. Beautiful song. Always thinking of you....


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