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Friday, November 5, 2010

Patience, Play Dates, and Kindness!

Boy, I'll tell ya, this patience thing is for the birds.

I promised myself that we would not do ANYTHING new until after we started the Keto diet and measured the results. This will allow us to see the all important - what's working?! - and keep doing it.

But all this time on our hands, not planning any trips, not making travel arrangements, not organizing a fundraising event, not researching the newest alternative therapy, really leaves a lot of time to think. Maybe that's the reason for all the gray lately. (P.S. Hubby wants me to change my nocturnal nails to something other than gray after the last post. :-\)

And then I find myself on the phone with the local horseback riding therapy program (hippotherapy). I just can't let it be, can I?! Seriously, though, I'm not starting Christian on anything new until we've seen what, if anything, the Keto diet can do for him.

So we sit. We wait. But we only have about a week and a half until our Phoenix appointment! I'm starting to get excited and may even call Monday to see if they've received any cancellations so we can move this baby up!

All this sitting and waiting is really more of a figurative description of my mental state because we really got out this week. In fact, I'm pretty sure play dates saved my sanity.

We first met up with our friends we met at church, including the beautiful little Giselle, who is only one week older than Christian. She had uncontrollable seizures and experienced quite the journey with medications and doctors all over the country and nothing worked. Then they found the Keto diet and it changed their life.

Giselle's mom also told me about The Charlie Foundation. If you want to know anything remotely related to the Ketogenic diet and how it works, go there!

And I would've taken pictures, I mean with it being Christian's first date and all, but Miss Giselle was sleeping the whole time and I thought it might be weird if I took a picture of this nice woman's sleeping child on our first play date. Next time for sure!

Midweek we met up with some more friends at the park. Christian seemed to enjoy being outside and listening to the kids. Lola came back with dirty hands and knees so I'd say it was a success.

Then we finished out our week with a trip to the zoo yesterday and Aunt Pamy coming to visit from Colorado.

I love getting together with other moms. It's good for the soul. These play date things, they kind of save you. I don't know if I've been locked away for too long but I find myself either saying or thinking..."Oh, my God, you're so right!" or "Exactly!" And then other moms kind of join in, moms you've never even met and everyone acts as if they've known each other forever. All because we share a common bond of not necessarily special needs, not necessarily having a child between 6 and 36 months, but just because we're all moms. We all have really funny stories, really sad stories, really annoying stories, and stories that really just make us want to have a drink (or two). And we all get kind of annoyed by the older kids on their field trips bulldozing the playground and taking everything over!

These play dates are cathartic and necessary and I do love this part about mommyhood.

One more all know how much I love and adore Ben's Bells and how special this organization is to me. Well, I'm so excited and proud to see it grow and spread to Denver thanks to some really super Momma's who want to spread the message. Read about it here!

And here!

So visit, support, and help them spread kindness...

"Be kind...because everyone is fighting their own epic battle."

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Alicia said...

Waiting is the WORST! But hanging out with other Mamas is the BEST! Glad you are doing things to help you pass the time. Hang in there!

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