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Sunday, October 24, 2010


It was time for our annual trip to Wilcox this weekend. I wrote about going last year and how much fun we had.

As tradition would have it, we planned our trip to the small farming town an hour away...and then we scrapped those plans and headed to IHOP for pumpkin pancakes followed by a visit to the pumpkin stand a half mile down the road.

Yeah, that's just how it's gonna go this year.

This year we decided it really didn't matter that we got to haul the kids across a pumpkin field to choose just the right pumpkin. The pumpkins were neatly grouped together and served on a haystack for us. So we looked over the pumpkin filled haystacks and chose just the right pumpkin for Christian.

See. Here he's saying, "Yes, this one."

After choosing pumpkins for every one else we took pictures in the specially designated haystack and pumpkin face area. Gabe was extremely thrilled about this, as you can see. But it was good family fun.

Christian practiced for his Frankenstein costume.

And Lola pestered Moose, the dog.

It was actually a really, really good fall weekend with really, really great Tucson fall weather. There was pumpkin bread and pumpkin choosing and pumpkin pancakes. 

And we still had the entire day to bake said pumpkin bread because we decided against the one hour trip out of town.

Wilcox, I'm not knocking you. In fact, I'm sure we'll be back next year to make some more memories. But this year, we were more interested in pumpkin bread.

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