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Thursday, October 14, 2010


We bloom where we are planted.

It was my facebook status a few months ago and I'm not sure where it came from or what the origin is, but I love it.

It's kind of my slogan of the year. Every time I get a little off focus, I hear Bloom where you're planted, Shauna in my head. It keeps me grounded.

I woke up to a day that felt less like I was planted in healthy, rich, earthworm filled soil and more like I was planted in a pile of manure. And so went the day.

It was just one of those days. Those Christian's fish oil supplement bursted all over me - Lola screaming all morning-the house is a crazy, hot mess and laundry needs to be done - kind of days. It's really hard to think about anything blooming in conditions such as these.

Ah, but we do have some buds that could set to give a nice bloom in the next few months.

I met up with another special mommy yesterday. She's the mother of a set of adorable red headed triplets, one of which is diagnosed with CP. I can not tell you how comfortable and relieving it was to talk to someone else who frequents the same circles. I've only met a few in my town and I was beginning to think there were no special needs mommies in Tucson or they were hidden away somewhere. I knew this couldn't possibly be the truth seeing as every PT and OT is booked up with waiting lists in the hundreds. I found one! Or she found me. Or I guess we found each other in a round about way. And if she's reading this, she probably thinks I'm a stalker. But it was so...nice to talk about every day life.

I try not to separate myself too much as if the life we lead is somehow special or set aside in some way so as not to be held to the same kind of standards or hum drum as everyone else's life. This is our life and this is where we are planted. BUT, it is really nice to be able to have a conversation with someone who is planted in the same garden.

This particular mommy is actually a great segway to my next subject. There is a physical therapy study going on, which I've also mentioned, that her son is participating in. I've heard about this study here and there and to my knowledge Christian doesn't qualify, which is understandable. The goal as far as I understand is to get a good read on every day physical therapy so there has to be parameters and Christian doesn't happen to fit into those parameters because of his CVI and seizures.

BUT, I called the doctor running the study, who I've heard lives and breaths this stuff. First, he picked up the phone, not a secretary or a nurse or a voice mail. Surprising! I explained that I understood that Christian didn't qualify for the study but I was still interested in what he was doing, his goals, any future studies, and any way I could help. Well, he was really receptive and suggested we meet on Monday! I will definitely update, but I'm excited to learn all about it.

We also visited the neurologist for a follow up and to talk about going to Phoenix for another neurology consult for the Ketogenic Diet. I spoke to a dietitian who was really comfortable with the diet and very used to administering it so I felt more comfortable going to Phoenix after all. All we need is to make an appointment to visit and I'm told we can probably start the diet in the comfort of our own home.

The neurologist gave us a few names to contact except for one he told me I probably wouldn't get along with. What?! Little ol' me not get along with someone? Well, I never! Ha! I actually had to laugh. He said, "No offense, you two probably wouldn't work well together." Why? Because I'm such a pain in the ass? I like it. I'm a little proud of that. No offense taken at all.

So I guess I'm planting our seeds with high hopes they'll grown strong rooms and something will bloom. Word on the street is that manure is actually quite helpful for blooms anyway.

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